-- Ranked Clan List --
RankClan NameMembersHouse SizeClan Ranked Score
1The Resistance1099516865.3
2tꮧ f ghtmt347616672.6
3La Pureza De Mal223494361.4
4~*The Crypt*~231453818.1
5rdtd Rtrbt19463440.7
6Deus Ex Machina20453336.5
8Midnight Thorns80443299.9
9Draco Honoris20443246.3
10The Crane Temple113413042.7
11The Devil's Wings36342038.8
12Duality's Secret Berserker Society208271763.3
13rk ţn146251459.1
14Desperate Housewives17281426.6
15*-h tt P-*5221952.4
16The Vision6915649.9
17The Forsaken4315578.7
21The Dubshow6211443.8
22Khaos Mafia702309.6
23Sbbth Bldy Sbbth457269.9
26Sketchy Shenanigans200204.2
27Vanilla Dome136202.4
29Collective Efforts321192.2
30G G أ280191.6
32Bad Habit201189.7
33The Commandos174177.5
34League of the Pantsless Wunderkind241172.3
35The Resistance170150.4
36The Paladin Society200135
37*- H꣣ g꣧ -*132129.5
38Hells Angels100100
39C'est La Guerre10Not Ranked
40Casus Belli10Not Ranked
41Deadly Penguin Squad (DPS)20Not Ranked
42Deadly Thieves Guild20Not Ranked
43Deus Ex Mockina20Not Ranked
44Eye of the Tiger127Not Ranked
45Faaip de Oiad124Not Ranked
46Fasionably Late12Not Ranked
47F壣 g꣧17Not Ranked
48Inevitable Destruction214Not Ranked
49Inferi Dii122Not Ranked
50Life and Death Brigade10Not Ranked
51O_o110Not Ranked
52Original Pranksters316Not Ranked
53Pandemonium10Not Ranked
54Steampunk Brigade11Not Ranked
55Sudden Death19Not Ranked
56The Division12Not Ranked
57The House of the Rising Sun68Not Ranked
58The Jugglers81Not Ranked
59The Lost Ones112Not Ranked
60The Revenge10Not Ranked
61The Sacred Dragon70Not Ranked
62Titans of Industry11Not Ranked
63Twisted Tactics10Not Ranked
64Valhalla57Not Ranked
65Vaulty McVaultface21Not Ranked
66nopk party45Not Ranked
67-(v)nk-13Not Ranked
68 ruidic rotherhood 11Not Ranked
69ߧ h10Not Ranked
70vlt11Not Ranked
71dl £138Not Ranked
72 Thtre Vmޥr 25Not Ranked

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