-- Ranked Clan List --
RankClan NameMembersHouse SizeClan Ranked Score
1rk ţn619434514.9
3tr ٧1721849.2
6Socially Distant111124.5
7(-_-)80Not Ranked
8(~)THe nEw Guys(~)15Not Ranked
9-Rtꧧ-10Not Ranked
10-׻mr Mt Wtк-14Not Ranked
11Attitude12Not Ranked
12Black Magic12Not Ranked
13Blue Clan10Not Ranked
14Brotherhood of Darkness314Not Ranked
15Constant Chaos10Not Ranked
16Crme de la Crme10Not Ranked
17Death Inc.110Not Ranked
18Discovery13Not Ranked
19F@ 2 L@K22Not Ranked
20Field of Battle13Not Ranked
21Imperial Eclipse21Not Ranked
22LosT BoyS10Not Ranked
23Luminati12Not Ranked
24Lux Aeterna11Not Ranked
25L$t ip$12Not Ranked
26Mount Olympus115Not Ranked
27Mhf Mkr32Not Ranked
28P.E.T.A.13Not Ranked
29Solitude23Not Ranked
30Sbbth Bldy Sbbth110Not Ranked
31The Forsaken14Not Ranked
32The Junk Yard13Not Ranked
33The Resistance22Not Ranked
34Th Frk60Not Ranked
35Tranquility35Not Ranked
36Trinity19Not Ranked
37Trur Htr17Not Ranked
38Vault Holder11Not Ranked
39Manifest Destiny927Not Ranked
40g f m10Not Ranked
41fl ߥ15Not Ranked
42 ruidic rotherhood 20Not Ranked
43* Tl Tt *12Not Ranked
44--H f Llr--317Not Ranked
45ߧ h111Not Ranked
46~25Not Ranked
47ir GdFth뮧76Not Ranked
48ftl11Not Ranked
49$ V̧425Not Ranked
5010Not Ranked
51r h Prt10Not Ranked

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