1) You start to say your gonna "log off" when you go to bed.
2) You say your gonna log on when your about to do something.
3) You think that you really have to go fight goblins for a living.
4) You start arguing with people in the forums.
5) You start talking about it at school/work.
6) You start wishing you had an Undead sword to deal with aggravating people in the real world.
7) You start to act like it's real life.
8) You start using macros to move around.
9) You go to the cave south of northkeep everytime you pass, just to see if the Orcs are there.
10) You page everyone online saying 'MWAHAHAHAA!'
11) You draw out maps to EVERY area in the game.
12) You draw a clan map.. to design your clan house.
13) You make an alt just to see who's annoying then attack them with your higher level character.
14) You type /who every minute just to see if someone you dont like is online, then kick there @$$.
15) You sit at home and think of weird and wonderful things to say, just to cause some reactin on the forum.
16) You dream about it.
17) You start posting in irrelevant topics such as '100 Clues you've been playing NM too much'.
18) You start sending the staff cash for their on-going efforts to improve the game.
19) You actually consider No. 17.
20) You debate taking a trip up to Grimsby to actually slap JLH for not listening to your in-game chat.
21) You actually know where Pandilex lives (Not meant as a threat, please don't kill me!!!).
22) You start skulking in the shadows trying to gain the skills of your in game char.
23) You start saving up for that nasty looking rubber knife.
24) Using your newly acuired skills to jump out of a shadow to slap someone with a rubber knife.
25) You duel someone 4 levels higher than you with a rubber knife .. just for a laugh.
26) You duel someone with a rubber knife.
27) You start PK'ing ppl with your hands.
28) You ask for someone to rename your bug , just so you can keep it as a pet...
29) You actually HAVE money.
30) You wish you had more gold.
31) You actually know who everyone's alts is.
32) You can no longer read the letters on the keys N E S W, and your Function keys.
33) You can get from the tavern to the arena in less than a second.
34) You've pked frankieX a total of 9,999 times for asking for riddles.
35) All your alts have been pked by the sysops 9,999 times because you asked for a riddles contest.
36) You know the way to emerald city!!
37) And Pern Valley
38) You know every square of the dense forest off by heart.
39) You've made it to level 30.
40) You start thinking '/me is happy' instead of 'I am happy'.
41) When you are confused you say like 'me is confused' e.t.c in real life.
42) Your monitor has the layout of the NM screen burnt on it through days spent on the same screen.
43) you actually feel pity for those who dont know their way to emerald and pern.
44) You only get chance to sleep every 2 hours for 5-10 minutes (game server used to be on a dialup)
45) U cry when u die. . . .not that ive done that.
55) U get really pi$$ed off when it says 'the Server is down at the moment (or cjb.net has gone down), try again shortly'.
56) U post stupid things in the forums cause the server is down.
57) You actually quit EQ for a bit just to play NightMist....
58) You celebrate whenever you reach another full day of playtime.
59) The minute you log on you have 13 people paging you.
60) You no longer check if JLH is online... you just start typing things to him.
61) You sit around trying to create BiCarbonate shielding....
62) You create 3 clans with the weirdest names possible out of boredom.
63) You recreate an entire Monty Python Scene because your the only person on and its 3 in the morning.
64) You look at the annoying guy in your math class next to you and say "YOUR ON MY IGNORE LIST!"
65) You start croaking in real life.
66) Friend makes a joke.... you say "LOL" (cant say how many times ive done that)
67) When the rest of your friends are talking about the party they went to... you interupt and tell them all about the mosh you held the night before.
68) You want to be the person with the highest 'Killed By Staff' score.
69) You repeatedly post about how people have repeated things things in this thread.
70) Pandilex edits your post because you didn't realise he wrote 'things' twice in the previous thread, and tried to copy him.
71) You repeatedly post about how people have repeated things things in this thread.
72) Sitting on your butt all day in Broken Arm Tavern because it's the most exciting part of your day. (Also not being able to count because of Nightmist's evil powers).
73) You call in sick to work so you dont miss the mosh.
74) First thing people ask you the minute you walk into your class is "Laca, will you make me..."
75) Instead of dreaming about girls, you dream about walking around in the new areas of nightmist.
76) You formulate battle plans against the big monsters on your way home from school.
77) You formulate battle plans against the big monsters IN school.
78) You start to help newbies.
79) Newbies make u renound as a "nice" guy.
80) You start visiting the forum alot.
81) You get annoyed when the server is down for 10 hours.
82) You visit the forum every two minutes, just to see if someone's post.
83) ALL of your alt's are above level 25.
84) You absolutely must kill Ebony...
85) You absolutely MUST kill every frog on the map.
86) You make it your one true goal to run to every tavern without dying.
87) You play on Nightmist instead of spending 'fun' time with your girlfriend/wife.
88) You ask someone facitously to drop somthing valuable, and a sysop drops an item named "Cardboard Box".
89) You actualy sell an item named "Cardboard Box" because someone asked for it, for 3000 gold.
90) You arbitrarily take over a little-used part of the world, and then start PKing people who enter, because you want to be a private person, and hold rituals dedicated to the night.
91) In your rush to post, you neglect to see the other two pages, and number your first one 39..... only to see that someone else made the same tits-up two posts above!!
92) You can kill the gorgon beast with one hit with just a point stick.
93) You start to plot sweet revenge on ur nightmist enemies, in ur dreams.
94) U wake up in the middle of the night, cant get to sleep and so u go on nightmist untill 2:30am .
95) U set ur skool on fire, just so u can get home early to play on nightmist.
96) U start worshipping jlh.
97) You sit outside pern's undead tavern just waiting for someone to try and make it to the bank....
98) You start planning what you want your next prize to be in the mosh you win.
99) You plot evil and twisted plans to wipe out an entire clan in your spare time (aka between the end of dinner time and the movement to the computer chair).
100) You start to work out how much you're ripping off Fresserve's 310 fee a month no matter how long you are online deal.
101) You hear about a murder on the news and think to yourself, "Damn PKs..."
102) You watch "Emergency Vets" and think "Thats one damned good cleric..."
103) You resist the urge to type # or /clan loc in IRC chats.
104) You don't resist the urge.
105) You cry for not reading the other two pages before you posted. (I didn't cry... *sniffle* .....REALLY!.....).