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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <allredirects arcontinue="Deer_Meat" />
      <r ns="0" title="Black Orc Cryomancer" />
      <r ns="0" title="Blade of Hypaepa" />
      <r ns="0" title="Bodyguard and Chief Bodyguard" />
      <r ns="0" title="Bracelet of Love" />
      <r ns="0" title="Castle Darksparrow" />
      <r ns="0" title="Catface" />
      <r ns="0" title="Cloud City" />
      <r ns="0" title="Coldmonger Caverns" />
      <r ns="0" title="Concealing Petal Armor" />
      <r ns="0" title="Dark Alley - Pawn Dealer" />