Talise's Journal

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Description: Entry One: Talise here again. The Arilin people are threatening Harabec of war. One of their men were captured and were never seen again. They think it was us, but we have not done anything. I know General Kashtil wouldn’t do anything to harm the Arilinians. It was probably those pesky elves. Who knows what they want, but they always seem to be the mysterious ones.
Entry Two: Arilin has declared war on Harabec. They just want more land is what it seems like. A war over worthless reasons. Our King Housmeld said, "They want a war? We shall not give them war! We shall give them death!" Our forces will march out to the Royal Forest to catch them off guard. They don’t know who they just messed with.
Entry Three: Its not right! Not right! We’re being defeated! I found this nice little hiding spot below the battle. I’m a coward. Why am I such a coward? I feel like I have nothing to live for. If my corpse has risen and ye have read this please secure this book to my father who resides in Harabec.
The rest of the book is ripped and torn.
, Type of Item: Doesn't do anything special, or is a key.

Rarity: Common