Amandil Axilya

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Wearing just a simple white dress with unbraided blonde hair that reaches her bottom, Axilya emphasises her grace and beauty with simplicity. Her motherly smile entrances you as you approach, causing every iota of pain and torment to melt away even before she seeks to mend your wounds. The only element of her attire that is not spartan in appearance is her ornate crystal staff; loops of gold and silver house a large ruby at the top that radiates like a second sun.


  • Located in the magic shop of Kantele.
  • Casts healing spells on players.
  • By saying to her "crystal staff" using "/t Amandil", she responds with how the Crystal Radiant is crafted; the recipe for either server is slightly different. On the multi-alt server, a Mariana's Tear is one of the ingredients and on the 1-alt server that item is instead the Feral Choker.


Multi-alt Server:

Items to Give Items Received
Crystal Radiant

1-alt Server:

Items to Give Items Received
Crystal Radiant