Blackstone Bracelet

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Armor base: 2, Can be worn by: clerics, druids, fighters, mages, paladins, rangers, thieves, pacifists, Description: Cold and smooth to the touch, the inside of the Blackstone Bracelet is seemless, as if the band were carved from a single larger block of stone. The outside of the bracelet gives off an unnatural heat, but even that seems mundane compared to the twisting silver traces on the exterior. Rotating the bracelet gives the illusion that the tracings are moving over the band... or perhaps it is no illusion at all., Level needed to equip it: 33, Strength modifier: 0, Intelligence modifier: 0, Dexterity modifier: 0, Constitution modifier: 0, Wisdom modifier: 0, Charisma modifier: 0, Absorb spell: 0, Max equip: 0.

Rarity: Mythic Rare