Blue Dragon

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The Blue Dragon is an ancient beast locked inside a large dome in the northern wing of Harabec Dungeon. Animalistic and indiscriminating, he ferociously attacks any who venture into his prison. Multiple Clerics and a large party are required to defeat him.


Name Blue Dragon
Also known as BD
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment True Neutral
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Moderately High
Exp 105
Kill Exp 5,000,000
Max hit 190
Armour High
Dodge Moderate
Magic Resistance High
Undead? No
Special abilities No
Money 20,000
Drops Dragon's Skin (common)
Gloves of Vigor (common)
Boiling Blood (rare) (1alt)
Sovereign Sword (rare)

The Blue Dragon sparks a controversial remembrance of the ancient world. The dragon holds a mystic spirit within its wings that carries on its enlightenment indirectly. The Blue Dragon is one of Harabec's most popular myths. It once inhabited the greater outskirts of the realm, but has since been rumored to have been captured and detained somewhere secret. The dragon itself stands twenty storeys tall with its sparkling blue skin shining in your eyes. Its breaths intimidate you to your strongest fault; it spurts healthy flame, melting the ice that painfully encases its muscular hide. Its eyes lock onto yours and gives you a tempered grin.

Favourite quotes

"The realm will not last!"

Attacks and abilities

The Blue Dragon sports a range of high-damage melee attacks and offensive fire spells. Its damage range approximately spans from the low 70s to almost 200, so a loss of concentration can cost you heavily.