Magic Resistance

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MR for short, defines how good the creature is at resisting spells. Rated approximately against the damage a level 30 Mage does with Blast:

  • Very Low (over 65 damage)

Ex. Bunny, Troll

  • Low (55-65 damage)

Ex. Vampire Bat, Time Knight

  • Moderate (45-55 damage)

Ex. Sand Spider, Wolf

  • Moderately High (35-45 damage)

Ex. Drow, Scarab

  • High (25-35 damage)

Ex. Blue Dragon, Drow Mage

  • Very High (15-25 damage)

Ex. Aet'Thol, High Priestess Ku'Nal

  • Extremely High (1-15 damage)

Ex. Grotesque, Time Mage

  • Immune (always 1 damage)

Ex. Bolted Chest, Crystal Giant

  • N/A (Used for monsters in locations where magic users cannot fight them at all)

Ex. Blackguard Smithy, Master Thief