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See Commands if you want to learn about the different commands used in a clan.

Clan House

You can create your own clan by typing /clan create (name of clan). Be sure to get the spelling the way you want to, because that's how it will appear. It costs 20000 gold to create a clan, and once you've done that you can begin building your clan house.

Clan Room List:

Sex change shop: Change your sex - 20k

Kitchen: Free food and drink - 30k

Pub: Place to set as your local - 50k

Healing Sauna: Heal everyone in the sauna easily - 20k

Briefing room: A normal briefing can be held here - 10k

Leaders' briefing room: A leaders' briefing can be held here - 15k

Normal Bank: You can access your bank funds here - 30k

Clan bank: The clan can have it's own bank account - 50k

Item vault: 100 items can be stored in a clan vault - 100k

Leaders' item vault: 100 items can be stored in a clan leaders' vault - 120k

Founders' item vault: 100 items can be stored in a clan founders' vault - 140k

Chairman's item vault: 100 items can be stored in a clan chairman' vault - 160k

Web Link: Type in /web to open up a custom website (similar to interactive quests) - 50k

No XP loss sparring arena: You can attack other members here and when dying, XP won't be lost - 50k

Games Room: Great arcade games are contained within - 200k

Morph change shop: Change your druid's morph! - 20k

/clan mumble: Password the entrance to a square - Free

/clan read: Sets the /read description - Free

As you build more rooms, the cost of buying another room increases. A list of the prices for each room is below.

50k, 50k, 55k, 60k, 66k, 73k, 80k, 88k, 97k, 107k, 118k, 129k, 142k, 157k, 172k, 190k, 209k, 229k, 252k, 278k, 306k, 336k, 370k, 407k, 448k, 492k, 542k, 596k, 656k, 721k, 793k, 873k, 960k, 1056k, 1162k, 1278k, 1406k, 1547k, 1701k, 1872k, 2059k, 2265k, 2491k, 2740k, 3015k, 3316k, 3648k, 4012k, 4414k, 4855k

Selling a Clan House

To sell a clan house (not the clan, which can only be disbanded), you have to remove all other members, then go onto the website, and on the trading menu, submit the clan for selling. The resale value is 75% of what the clan house is worth. This process takes 1 week, then JLH will sell it for you.