Hedge Lord

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Name Hedge Lord
Also known as HL
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment Neutral Evil
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Moderate
Exp 70
Kill Exp 50,000
Max hit 100
Armour Moderate
Dodge Moderate
Magic Resistance Moderate
Undead? No
Special abilities No
Money 7.000
Drops Baron's Bracelet (rare)
1-alt only
Animated Branch (uncommon)
Snakewillow Brace (rare)

The Hedge Lord is made from an enormous hedge sculpture. In the shape of a fierce knight, he has a crown of golden thorns. In his hands he holds a large sword, crafted from the sturdiest of lumber and encircled with many thorns. He snaps at you angrily, preparing to defend himself!

Attacks and abilities


Hedge Maze