Hellish Tourmaline

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1-alt only

Description: The Hellish Tourmaline is a palm-sized gem hewn from the fifth level of hell itself., Type of Item: Gem.

Rarity: Rare


  • Appears only on the 1-alt server.
  • The fifth and final tier of hellish gemstones.
  • Acquired by giving the Cursed Obsidian Altar 5 Jewel Unhallowed gemstones or certain items; refer to the Cursed Obsidian Altar page for a list of items that the altar accepts in the exchange for the hellish gemstones.
  • Ten Hellish Tourmaline gemstones can be given to the Abyssal Cultist along with a gemstone ring that gives a single stat point boost to upgrade these gemstone rings to their perfect form.