High Pacifist Kuruni

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Something of a dying breed, High Pacifist Kuruni is an aging Elven Pacifist, quietly observing life going by in the bustling city. Being largely confined due to a crippling physical injury sustained during the Undead Wars, she hobbles around with a walking stick and appears frustrated that she cannot fight the Undead directly like she could in her youth, but is always happy to see a sign of even a small victory over the Undead.


Favorite Quotes

  • "*gasps* Age and injury are wearing me down; it is a shame but it is something we are all doomed to, my child."
  • "It is frustrating, this injury..."
  • "I hear many stories about the undead, and I wish I could cleanse the realm of them myself."
  • "One example is of an undead warrior who calls himself Aglon the Scourge, one who has defiled many a sacred ground, even that of the Pacifists, which infuriates me..."
  • "Alas though, I cannot seek him myself, and I can only hope that another find and despatch him before he descreates anything more."