Nightshade Elixir

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Description: The viscous liquid contained in the elixir bubbles furiously. It is claimed that it will restore anyone to perfect fighting condition, healing wounds, curing disease, purging toxins and even restoring magical power to depleted mages., Type of Item: Potion.

Rarity: Uncommon


  • This potion instantly and fully restores health, mana, thirst, hunger and stamina.
  • Nightshade Elixirs can be used to restore stamina immediately after a full-stamina attack, allowing the user to immediately attack again. Multiple elixirs can be used in this way to achieve a similar effect to the Jaguar Potion.
  • The use of this potion tends to be forbidden in tournaments, and even just possessing one can result in disqualification.
  • Sometimes dropped by Mummified Priests, although not all of them.