Orc Caves

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Connects to following areas:
Grassy Path

General Information


The common Orc have found one of their homes in this cave. On the first subterranean level, A Long Winding Tunnel entered from the Grassy Path, there are a fair number of Orcs and Trolls. Going deeper into the second subterranean level of the cave, called the Deep Underground level, makes it evident that this is one of the homes of the common Orc as they are numerous here and wrangle Granite Beasts. In the northeastern region of the Deep Underground level is the Chieftain's Doman that now make this fact unmistakable.

Points of Interest


1-alt Server:

  • Level 32:
    • Mine Shaft


On the 1-alt server, a level 32 guild for which a level 32 character may advance to level 33, exists here and it is on the first subterranean level. From the entrance from the Grassy Path, explore eastward and keep an eastwardly bearing. The path will curve northward, at which point one should now have a northward bearing. What appears to be a northern dead-end however, upon closer observation, turns out to be a Narrow Passageway requiring a Torch to navigate. This passage leads to a Mine Shaft.


1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses


Julius Iron is located at the Mine Shaft.


The Orc Chieftain is located in the Chieftain's Domain.


On the 1-alt server, the Orc Chieftain is kill-to-pass making this boss quite dangerous. However, the Chieftain's Doman is log-to-local therefore the battle can be escaped by logging to local.


There are no loot to be found in this dungeon.

Deep Underground


Since both levels are subterranean, Dwarves will gain additional damage bonus being underground.