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Location on World Map
Large Forest
none Grassy Path none
Jahanna Desert
Orc Caves
Ancient Tunnels
Multi-alt Server:
Run-down Mansion

General Information


The Grassy Path stretches from the Large Forest southwards to a mountainous ridge in the way of reaching the Jahanna Desert and is inhabited by not only snakes and bears but also by Orcs hunting here.
The Grassy Path can be divided into three sections. The first section is the plain path that begins at the edge of the Large Forest and goes southeastwards. The grassy path branches at the north and south side of the plain path where the plain path runs eastward at its bend. The worn path connects with the grassy path at the southern end of the southern grassy path.

Points of Interest

Dungeons Guilds Other

Both Servers

Multi-alt Server

Multi-alt Server

  • Levels 28 - 29

Both Servers

  • Old Spring


The Ancient Tunnels is a popular avenue to and from the Jahanna Desert. A small hole that is the entrance to the Ancient Tunnels is found at the southernmost region of the worn path where going in all four cardinal directions is possible.
The Orc Caves is located by following the path of the northern grassy path to a cavernous hole.
On the 1-alt server, following the plain path to its end from the Large Forest leads to a dead-end. However, on the multi-alt server this path leads to a mansion which is an Inquisitor-sanctioned quest that requires the Inquisition Warrant #3924 to undertake.


On the multi-alt server, the Hidden Thief Hideout is located immediately south of where the worn path starts from the southern end of the southern grassy path; a trapdoor with a lock only Thieves are able to lockpick is found at the northernmost fork of the worn path.


An Old Spring, a safe and no-PK square, is found on the worn path at the north side of the southern path where two paths split and meet.


Multi-alt Server

Monsters Archaic

Both Servers

1-alt Server


Small and large snakes dominate the grassy path. Black and brown bears and Orcs are more dominant on the worn path.


There are no hazards in this area.


There are no loot to be found in this area.


There is nothing else to note about this area.