Ancient Tunnels

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Connects to following areas:
Grassy Path
Jahanna Desert

General Information


From long ago, when a path through the mountainous terrain was sought after, the Ancient Tunnels was made. Naturally did parts of the tunnel occur, and with this natural formation did the ancient peoples make use thereof to create a passage through the mountainous terrain between the Grassy Path and Jahanna Desert as a way to reach the once extant and lively town of Jahanna. History is told in those rocks that now are occupied by creatures that find contentment in dwelling within these tunnels.

Points of Interest

There is nothing to mention in this dungeon.


There are no NPCs to be found in this dungeon.

Monsters Bosses
Both Servers

Both Servers:


The Granite Beasts block passage going up the Winding Staircase to the northernmost square of Jahanna Desert, and so must be defeated to advance upwards but do not need to be destroyed when going through the Ancient Tunnels from the desert to the Grassy Path.


Mysterious creatures called Shadows are not quite a boss themselves; they boast massive health and the high damage they deal, albeit in slow intervals, can be dangerous. They reside in pits within the Ancient Tunnels. They do not need to be defeated to escape (you just need a Rope) nor do they drop anything other than the gold of their victims, but they will slowly kill anyone who find themselves stuck in the pit with them.


Shadow infested pits are inescapable unless a Rope is in possession.


There are no loot to be found in this dungeon.


There is nothing else to note about this dungeon.