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General Information


A vast expanse of sand dunes that stretch out beyond horizons is known as the Jahanna Desert, situated southeast of the Sentant Range and Mountain Fenowasty. The Lush Gorge is found on the western side of the desert; at the western end of the Lush Gorge ascends to the Jahanna's Peak of Sentant Range; nearby within the Lush Gorge is the southernmost end of the Ancient Ridge of Mountain Fenowasty. Another way to enter the desert is at the northernmost end of a Sandy Path where the Ancient Tunnels is located, a large, unnatural borehole allowing passage through rather than over the mountainous terrain to and from the Grassy Path.

An Airship is anchored near the desert entrance to the Ancient Tunnels, its rope ladder thrown down for anyone to climb up and challenge its crew.

The name of the desert is also the name of what once was a desert town, Jahanna, now an infested ruin. The ruins of Jahnna is located at the central north region of Jahanna Desert at where the path allows travel in all four directions on foot. From the desert entrance of the Ancient Tunnels, follow the Sandy Path southwest and continue south at the four-way path where the ruins lay ahead. Within the infested ruin are the ruined tavern which is the first building on the west upon entering the infested town. There is a four-way intersection southwards. The west path leads to two ruined arenas. The eastern path leads to four ruined buildings that were once an armor, magic, supply, and weapon shop. Continuing farther south leads to ruined houses; going west at the southern end enters into a church untouched by desert creatures and protected by all things holy.

Southwesterly of the desert arrivess to the beach city of Silversail, but before reaching there the traveler must navigate through a dangerous Desert Maze.

There exists four different entrances to the Desert Maze from the desert and only one from Silversail. Often, the northern path is taken to enter the Desert Maze and hugging the west wall while minding the first path west leading into the possibility of being caught in a quicksand. The second west is the path that, when followed and continuing westward when possible, leads to Silversail.

From Silversail, often the southern path out of the Desert Maze is taken so to trek through the desert. It is straight east from the Silversail Gates and making an eastern u-turn going north. That is to say, by heading east from the Silversail Gates and while continuing eastward search for the first south path which leads out of the Desert Maze and into the Jahanna Desert.

The eastern path leading out of the maze is found by following the maze route as far east as possible from the Silversail Gates, the path turns north then west to a fork with a Sand Viper or two. The traveller should take the north path adhering to the eastward bearing and will eventually reach the eastern route into the Jahanna Desert.

Finally, the fourth exit is located to the northeast corner of the Desert Maze. Near to the third exit, there is a path that leads northwards. By following this path and keeping an eastwardly bearing the exit is not too far ahead.

On the multi-alt server, far south of the Jahanna Desert lies the Xeric Scrubland. To reach the Xeric Scrubland from the Jahanna Desert, begin by travelling from the southern or central eastern path out of the Desert Maze and travel eastwardly until the path that turns south just before the Oasis and then begin travelling southwardly. When entering the Xeric Scrubland from the Jahanna Desert, the northern Crater Rim of the Cauldron of Shadows is not too far southwards.

Points of Interest

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  • Levels 28 - 29:

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On the multi-alt server, a portal to the Soft Places, also knowing as Shifting Sands, is located at the southeasternmost part of the eastern region of the desert. Once entered, there is no returning to the Jahanna Desert. Only characters of levels 30 and higher may brave the dangers of this place.


Many of the guilds are hidden in Jahanna's overrun village or scattered around the desert.

The following guilds allow levels 28 and 29 to move on to the next level:

  • The Temple of the Spirit is a guild for Clerics and it is located eastwards from Silversail. To find it, follow the southern path leading out of the Desert Maze going eastwards until there is a path that forks south. This path should lead to the temple that is surrounded by desert path.
  • Druids level up at the Great Willow Tree located directly south from the Secluded Oasis.
  • The Fighter's Training room is located below the Deserted Hut.
  • The Lounging Sand Tiger, the place where Rangers may advance at, is located directly north from the Secluded Oasis.

On the multi-alt server, the infested town of Jahanna serve as a place to find guilds for some classes:

  • For mages between levels twenty and twenty-eight, they can open a Vortex Gate in the Magic Shop Ruins and enter into the guild through it.
  • Clerics and Paladins of levels twenty-two through twenty-eight will find their advancements at the Church of the infested town of Jahanna. The Cleric guild is in the Church itself; The Paladin guld is located north inside the Church.
  • The infested Fighter's training room is located west inside of the Weapon Shop, allowing for levels twenty-two through twenty-eight to advance here.

On the multi-alt server, the following guilds are for level 29; on the 1-alt server these guilds are for levels 28 and 29:

  • The Berserker Training Room is located above the Deserted Hut.
  • Mages may find advancement in the Dimensional Space accessible through only by a Vortex Gate.
  • North inside the church and by going down, may Paladins find the Advanced Paladin Guild.


To find the deserted hut, begin by heading straight west of the four-way north of the infested town of Jahanna until the path bends south to another four-way. Take the eastern path this time and it leads to the deserted hut.

The Dimensional Space allows quick travel fron not only the desert but also from local at Silversail. The place is accessed via Votex Gate cast in a specific location in the Desert MAze. From the eastern entrance into the Desert Maze, travel as far west as possible. The path should bend northward and twist east. Along this path is the location where a Vortex Gate can be cast.

The lair of the Giant Sand Wurm lies eastwards past the southern Oasis, eventually turning northwards. The lair is surrounded by the desert path.

Two oases exist in the desert. One stands out in the desert generally south of Jahanna, eastward from Silversail. To reach this Oasis, begin by travelling the south path out of the Desert Maze and continue to head east following the path eastward. Another Oasis is a Secluded Oasis which is farther east in the desert. Take the south path very near the first Oasis, take the southern fork and continue east to another fork. Take the northern fork and follow the path eastwardly until a four-way path whose north path will circle around to the Secluded Oasis.

Far out at the eastern edge of the desert in the northeastern region lies a cavern into the lair of the Purple Dragon Queen. Once upon a time, the dragon was a quest boss and is now no longer. However, on the multi-alt server she has made a return. To enter the cave, four items are required and they are as follows:

With these items in possession may any brave soul enter the caverns and face one of the most difficult bosses.


Both Servers Archaic
  • Krillick the Camel

Monsters Bosses

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A Mana Pond is located at the northern dead end of the small Lush Gorge found at the central westernmost side of the desert.


The Sand Scorpions appear only within the infested town of Jahanna.

Sand Spiders and Scorpions are the most common creatures that live in the desert.

Sand Vipers appear more often at the southern and southeastern region of the desert.

Spiders are rare on the western region of the desert.

On the multi-alt server, a Large Rock is found blocking the cavern to the Purple Dragon Queen lair.


The Giant Sand Wurm is located in its lair.

On the multi-alt server, the Purple Dragon Queen is located in its lair. To be able to enter her lair, the party needs the following items:

Upon entry, these four items are taken by the barrier and the party can either retreat by destroying the Large Rock or face the Purple Dragon Queen in her lair.

On the multi-alt server, the Roc Hatchling travels clockwise across the desert and lands on six different locations that are at or near the outer edge of the desert. Beginning from the four-way north of the infested town of Jahanna and going clockwise, these landing spots of the enormous bird are located as following:

  • East along the path from the four-way.
  • Along the north path where the portal leading to Soft Places is located.
  • Northwards from the entrance into Xeric Scrubland
  • Generally southwards of the Giant Sand Wurm on the northern trail
  • Along the northern path out of the Desert MAze before a fork.
  • East near where the path bends south at the long stretch of desert path west from the point of origin, the four-way near Jahanna.


The desert maze has some quicksand which are death traps. Also, while travelling through the desert, the traveller is at risk of becoming thirsty and possibly die from thirst.


There are no loot to be found in this area.

Desert Path

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There was a time when Jahanna was an active town. Silversail was non-existent at that time. The town of Jahanna soon became overrun with dangerous desert creatures and were ultimately abandoned by the sheer number of these creatures overwhelming the inhabitants of Jahanna possibly due to the mishandling of these creatures for the purpose of the arena. Nevertheless, the town of Jahanna now lies in ruin and its facilities destroyed. The desert inhabitants were, however, persistent and have long since established the city of Silversail which now thrive with its ports open to the sea and a select location of residence as well as a place for achiving higher training beyond that of an Archmaster.