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Location on World Map
Silversail Beach
1-alt Server: Silversail Jahanna Desert
Multi-alt Server:

General Information


Journey through the Jahanna Desert to its southwestern part, including navigating the treacherous Desert Maze, arrives at the port city of Silversail. The establishment of the port city was not without much struggle, but has long since thrived with commerce from lands afar using its ports to import and export goods as well as to seek livelihoods. The peoples of the now overrun town of Jahanna have contributed to the conception of the port city. Here, this port city, is solace from the intense aridity of the Jahanna Desert and the unforgiving, inhospitable waters of the Ausaunde Ocean.

The eastern Silversail Gates is connected to the southwestern corner of the Desert Maze of the Jahanna Desert. The eastern end of Magewood Avenue starts west of the eastern Silversail Gates and runs west. Magewood Avenue is intersected by two streets and it also goes through the center of the Town Square. The first street Magewood Avenue intersects westward from the eastern Silversail Gates is Triko North. The second street further west is Barlow Way.

The northern end of Triko North meets the midpoint of Eventide Road. Eventide Road runs west and east, north of its western end is the entrance to the Silversail Beach. Triko North goes south and intersects with Magewood Avenue at the center of the Town Square and arrives at Trowton Bridge. South of the Trowton Bridge is the eastern end of Bennington Avenue and the northern end of Triko Crescent. Triko Crescent continues south. On the multi-alt server, the southern end of Triko Crescent meets the southern Silversail Gates which is connected to the Xeric Scrubland. On the 1-alt server, there are no such gates.

Bennington Avenue runs west and meets the Docks which continue westward. On the 1-alt server, the Docks connects to the Fishing Pier which branches out north and south and has five rows of wharf for which ships dock at. North at the western end of the second northernmost wharf is the ship to Harabec with a 5,000 gold boarding fee; only characters of levels 24 and higher may board the ship because the area east of Harabec is restricted to the same level. South at the western end of the southernmost wharf is a ship to Katahdin Tundra with a 5,000 gold boarding fee; only characters of levels 29 and higher can board this ship. On the multi-alt server, there is no such extension and the Docks end not far from the western end of Bennington Avenue.

Points of Interest

Taverns Banks Shops

Both Servers:

  • Fastbond Inn

Both Servers:

  • Silversail National Bank

Both Servers:

Guilds Other

Multi-alt Server:

  • Levels 30 - 39:
    • Assassin's Guild
    • Guardian's Guild
    • Hunter's Guild
    • Knight's Guild
    • Priest's Guild
    • Slayer's Guild
    • Sorcerer's Guild
    • Templar's Guild

1-alt Server:

  • Levels 28 - 29:
  • Levels 35 - 38:

Both Servers:

  • Dark Alley
  • Peg Leg Pete's Gambling Hall
  • Rusty Dabloons Casino
  • Silversail Speakeasy

Multi-alt Server:

  • Sandy Drive


The Fastbond Inn is located on the east side of the northern end of Triko North. The refresh costs 300 gold.


Silversail has two Silversail National Bank establishments. One is located on the north side of Eventide Road west of where the road meets the northern end of Triko North. Another one is located east of the eastern end of Bennington Avenue.


On the northern side of Eventide Road are two shops. Blackbeard's Weapon Shop is north across the road from the northern end of Triko North. East next to this shop is the Harbor Armory.

North of the eastern end of Magewood Avenue is a small shop called One-Eyed John's Supplies.

South of the western end of Bennington Avenue is Wanda's Seafood Deli, whose fresh products are plentiful thanks to its proximity to the Docks.

On Triko Crescent are two shops that are across the street from one another. The Silversail Magic Store is on the west side, and on the east side is Siren's Sea Apparel. These two shops are near but not at the southern end of Triko Crescent.

At the northern end of the Dark Alley is the infamous pawn shop.


Guilds existing in this town are different for either server.

On the multi-alt server, all the guilds are for characters of levels 30 through 39. This means that an Archmaster character may be initiated and advance higher in the ranks of Archmaster, continue to and through Grandmaster, and ultimately become Legendary. All guilds have their own guildmasters, each of whom has an asking fee for a key that allows the character to initiate into higher levels. These guild keys allow a character access into a guild room where level 30 characters may advance to level 31. Then, level 31 to 34 characters can simply access the guild room where the guildmaster is and level up there. After the character reaches level 35 though, further levels are of the Grandmaster rank and thus require the Grandmaster's Insignia for access into yet another guild room where level 35 to 39 characters can level up and ultimately become level 40 and attain the rank of Legendary.

Visit either the multi-alt level 31+ page, the page of a specific guildmaster, or the Guild section of the page of a specfic class to find the details about how to obtain the guild key. Listed below are the name, purported class, and locations of these guilds:

  • Assassin's Guild: Thief; Beneath the floor of the southern end of Dark Alley.
  • Guardian's Guild: Druid; North of the western end of Magewood Avenue.
  • Hunter's Guild: Ranger; North near the west end of Docks.
  • Knight's Guild: Fighter; East inside of Harbor Armory.
  • Priest's Guild: Cleric; East inside the Marble Temple which is east of the southern end of Barlow Way.
  • Slayer's Guild: Berserker; Upstairs of Blackbeard's Weapon Shop.
  • Sorcerer's Guild: Mage; South inside the Silversail Magic Store.
  • Templar's Guild: Paladin; South inside the Marble Temple which is east of the southern end of Barlow Way.

On the 1-alt server, two guilds exist here for two different classes.

The guild for level 28 and 29 Thieves is located past a southern false wall at the southern end of the Dark Alley.

The Grandmaster guilds for Berserkers is located on Sandy Drive which is west from the southern end of Triko Crescent. Only Berserkers of levels 35 or higher may enter the Sandy Drive to the Order of the Iron Claw, as this is their guild.


Two gambling establishments are also across the street from one another on Triko Crescent. They are found at the midpoint of the street. On the west side of the street is Peg Leg Pete's Gambling Hall, the east side is the Rusty Dabloon Casino, a more prestigious gambling hall with a 10,000 gold fee to play but a 1,000,000 gold jackpot. Further east behind the Rusty Dabloon Casino runs north and south the Dark Alley.

The Silversail Speakeasy is located near the western end of Bennington Avenue on the south side of the street. This is also where Amanda Maxwell is located on multi-alt, and a Wooden Bench on 1-alt.

On the multi-alt server, the Sandy Drive also runs west from the southern end of Triko Crescent. The difference is that there is a lone hut at the end of the Sandy Drive where only level 40 Berserkers may enter but the Sandy Drive itself is open to anyone exploring the port city of Silversail.


Multi-alt Server Both Servers 1-alt Server

There are no monsters or bosses in this city.


Chieftain Olaf is accessible only to level 40 Berserkers and sits in a hut at the west end of the Sandy Drive.

Although the Fisherman NPC exists on both server, only one exists on the multi-alt server and this NPC is at the Silversail Speakeasy while on the 1-alt server there are also a couple of them on the Fishing Pier.

On the multi-alt server, the guildmaster NPCs are found in their respective guilds.

On the multi-alt server, Amanda Maxwell is located at the Silversail Speakeasy; she is the one to visit to about all matters concerning Gold Sovereigns.


There are no loot to be found int his city.

There is nothing to forage for in this city.


There is nothing else to note about this city.