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General info

Possible races



  • Determines the amount for which you hit with a weapon.

Not used at all.


  • Determines the ability to dodge as well as hit.


  • Determines health points on start and at every level up.

The amount of health points you will gain every level is randomly calculated using your constitution as a factor.

Constitution Health Points
18 8-10
19 8-11


  • Determines your magic attack and healing power.
  • Determines your magic resistance.
  • Determines your mana points on start and at every level up.

The amount of mana you will gain is fixed.

Wisdom Mana Points
18 10
19 10
20 10


  • Determines the way you look (in look over).
  • Slightly influences the amount you get healed for.


Stamina gains occur on the following levels:

1, 7, 15, 25, 29, 33, 37 (1-alt)

1, 7, 15, 25, 29, 34, 40 (multi-alt)

Abilities & Spells


  • Druids get a 10% chance-to-hit bonus and a 10% damage bonus in forests.



Searches for food, water, or other crafting items on the square. Uses 1 stamina with no HP or MP costs.


Morphs the Druid into one of the following animals: Wolf, Bear, Panther, Tiger, Cheetah, Lion, Jaguar, Leopard, Lynx, or Puma.

The animal doesn't make a difference except for a cosmetic value. Morph requires 100 MP to cast and lasts five minutes. It gives back 90-170 HP when cast (depends on level); however, spells become unavailable while morphed.


Allows the Druid to follow a party leader as if it was in the actual party. Requires at least 1 stamina to use but doesn't actually consume any. Can be used while Camouflaged without being seen.



The weakest of the healing spells, it is available immediately at the cost of 200 gold in any Druid guild. Uses 1 stamina and costs 4 MP. Typically heals for 16-20 HP, varying depending on class and stats. Can be cast on other characters.


Rids the character of any poison. Uses 1 stamina and costs 10 MP. Available at level 10 for 1000 gold at any Druid guild. Can be cast on other characters.

Grasping Vines

Creates a kill-to-pass vine on the square. The vine is slowly damaged and generally lives for a minute unless it gets healed. Available at level 22 from any Druid guild at the price of 1500 gold. Note: can only be used in forest areas. Uses 1 stamina and costs 10(Multi-alt) MP.


Jolt is a damage spell used by druids. Unlike Stormwrath, it can be used underground and at a cheaper cost than Nature's Fury. Uses 1 stamina and costs 8 MP. Can be purchased at any Druid guild for 2000 gold, but has a level requirement of 15.


Camouflage allows a druid to be nearly invisible (same effect as Invisibility for Mages) to others at a cost of 25 MP on multi and 50 MP on 1-alt. The effect lasts for 2 minutes and is available at level 5 from any Druid guild at the cost of 750 gold. Uses 1 stamina to cast and has a high fizzle rate at low levels. Cannot be cast on other characters.


Nourish cures hunger and thirst, and costs only 5 MP each cast. It has a level requirement of 5 and is available from any Druid guild at the cost of 200 gold. Can be cast on other characters. Effect lasts 3 1/2 hours.


The earliest of the armor spells, Thornshield is available from any Druid guild for 500 gold. It carries a level requirement of 5 and uses 1 stamina. The effect {+20 Armour} lasts for 1 minute and costs 5 MP to cast. Can only be cast on self.


Stoneform is the next armor spell that Druids learn; at level 14 they can buy it from any Druid guild for 1500 gold. Costs 10 MP and consumes 1 stamina. The effect {+40 Armour} lasts for 1 minute. Can only be cast on self.

Gaea's Blessing

Gaea's Blessing is a perfect complement to Morph; it lasts 5 minutes. It increases armor by Wisdom * 1.5, and increases chance to hit and mêlée damage potential. Consumes 1 stamina and 30 MP. Can be purchased at any Druid guild for 3000 gold. Has a level requirement of 19 and can only be cast on self.

Nature's Fury

Nature's Fury is an offensive spell and, in addition to Jolt, can be used underground as well as aboveground. It has a level requirement of 12 and is available at any Druid guild for 1500 gold. Uses 1 stamina and costs 15 MP per cast.


The most common of Druid offensive spells, Stormwrath costs 10 MP to cast and is available from any Druid guild for 1000 gold. Has a level requirement of 10. Uses 1 stamina but cannot be used underground.


As you gain experience your character will gain in levels. To level you must have the experience needed (indicated by a red experience bar, skin depending).To level up you must pay a visit to a certain guild, which will be located anywhere in the Nightmist world. Guild locations on Nightmist Multi and Nightmist 1a are different.


Level Location
1-2 Nightmist
3-10 Grassy Meadow
10-20 Large Forest
15-25 Resthaven
20-27 Arilin
28-29 Jahanna Desert
30-39 Silversail

LEvelling to 31: Requires Ceramic Javelin or Chameleon Horn. Give the required item to the guild master present and use the given key to access the level 30 guild. Leveling to 36 and onwards: Requires Grandmaster's Insignia.


Level Location
1-3 Nightmist
4-10 Grassy Meadow
11-15 Resthaven
16-20 Arilin
21-24 Enchanted Forest
25-28 Royal Forest
29-30 Jahanna Desert
31-40 Tirantek (Tokens and Trinkets)
31 Royal Forest (alternate system)
32 Mount Fenowasty (alternate system)
33 Orc Caves (alternate system)
34 Gloomy Cavern (alternate system)
35 Silversail Beach (alternate system)
36-39 Altar of Storms (alternate system)

Equipment Guide


Level Weapon
1 Staff / Dagger / Dirk
1 Oak Staff
5 Quarterstaff / Mace
10 Warhammer / Flail / Nunchaku
13 Iron Staff
19 Staff of Serenity
20 Staff of Elements
21 Fangs
24 Torashuko
25 Morning Star
25 Cobalt Staff of the Winds / Scepter of Balance
25 Moonsilver Stave (1-alt only) / Sarin Trident (1-alt only)
27 Hawk Talon
30 Viper Claws
30 Ceramic Javelin
31 Roc Talon (multi-alt only)
35 Dragonclaw Scythe


Body Armor

Level Body Armor
1 Leather Vest
5 Studded Leather Doublet
10 Branchwood Tunic
15 Oak Vest
20 Ironweed Doublet
21 Bear Pelt
25 Fireleaf Tunic
28 Robe of Halcyon
30 Sand Wurm Hide
30 Dragon’s Skin
37 Cloak of the Autumn Wind (multi-alt only)


Level Shield
1 Wooden Bracers
5 Steel Bracers
10 Wooden Shield
15 Shield of Faith
16 Feathered Shield
25 Earth Ward (1-alt only)
31 Liveoak Aegis (multi-alt only)
40 Gaea's Safeguard


Level Helmet
1 Arthropod Mask (1-alt only)
5 Pirate Hat / Silver Diadem / Gnomish Goggles (multi-alt only)
17 Stone Crown (multi-alt only)
20 Antlers
30 Shaman's Mask (multi-alt version)
31 Shaman's Mask (1-alt version)
33 Stalker's Mask (multi-alt only)


Level Gloves
10 Gloves of Cirrus / Tomb Gloves
17 Arcane Wrappings
27 Spider Gauntlets
29 Wizard Cuffs
29 Gauntlets of Malice
29 Gauntlets of Virtue
29 Gloves of Vigor


Level Boots
1 Vinewhip Sandals / Ravenbone Boots
20 Boots of Faith
28 Boots of Time
30 Elven Chainmail Boots (multi-alt only) / Metallic Greaves / Vindicator's Boots
30 Silken Sandals of Time
31 Armored Boots (multi-alt only) / Dwarven Rockstompers (multi-alt only)



Armour Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Bunny Foot Necklace
1 Copper Amulet
1 Silver Amulet
1 Gold Amulet
20 Amulet of the Lich
29 Pendant of Light
30 Hades Amulet / Platinum Amulet
30 Bloodstone (multi-alt only)
Strength Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Firestone Charm
1 Granite Amulet
1 Sthenias Medallion
1 Ashen Talisman
1 Cerulean Periapt (+1 Con) (multi-alt only)
1 Hex of Amber (+1 Int) (multi-alt only)
1 Veridian Charm (+1 Chr) (multi-alt only)
35 Borealis Talisman (+1 Wis) (multi-alt only)
Dexterity Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Amulet of Hermes
1 Amulet of Hightail
1 Rune of Mercury
30 Amulet of Lag Protection
31 Feral Choker (multi-alt only)
Wisdom Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Scholar's Amulet
1 Sil'ilos Talisman
1 Triangle of Thunder (multi-alt only)
35 Borealis Talisman (+1 Str) (multi-alt only)


Level Bracelet
15 Baron's Bracelet
25 Silver Bracelet
26 Armlet of Enlightenment
30 Bracelet of Hope
31 Blackstone Bracelet (multi-alt only) / Emerald Bracelet (multi-alt only)
35 Crystal Bracelet (1-alt only)


Level Ring
1 Gold Ring
17 Ring of Apollo
25 Crystal Ring
30 Ring of Astray / Ring of Fire / Ring of Thunder / Seal of Atlantis (multi-alt only) / White Ring (multi-alt only)
30 Arachnae's Band
30 Glowing Cobalt Ring
31 Twisted Mithril Band (multi-alt only)
32 Speckled Band (multi-alt only)
40 Ring of Legend

Class-centric Bosses