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Maximum Stats

Strength: 18
Intelligence: 21
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 18
Wisdom: 20
Charisma: 21

Available Classes


  • Elves gain a +5% Damage Bonus whilst in any open forest area

Most Suitable Roles

Elves excel at any magic role with their superior Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma; they make excellent Clerics and Mages and make the best Pacifists. Elven Druids have the strongest Stormwrath of all the races, and they are absolutely formidable in their morphed form when in forests thanks to their racial and class bonuses.

While Elven Rangers are not as good in this field as Halflings, they are better at hypnotising targets than other races and their high Wisdom give them increased resistance when battling magic users. Elves do not make very good Fighters, but are not terrible at this role either and have the highest chance of performing a Critical Strike out of all the races.