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Multi-alt only

General info

Pacifists can only be played solo; this means you cannot log on any other characters at the same time. They also can't join parties and have no ability to attack any monster that isn't undead, meaning they can't kill players either. Nevertheless, their spells against the undead are unparalleled in strength and they can defend themselves better than any other class.

If a Pacifist is attacked by another player, the damage will be reflected back at them at no penalty to you, making them ideal for players who wish to avoid PKing (although bombs will still harm you).

Pacifists are not available on the 1-alt server.

Possible races



  • Not used at all.


  • Not used at all.


  • Determines the ability to dodge.


  • Determines health points on start and at every level up.

The amount of health points you will gain every level is randomly calculated using your constitution as a factor.

Constitution Health Points
18 8-10


  • Determines your mana points on start and at every level up.
  • Determines your spell fizzle rate.

The amount of mana you will gain is fixed.

Wisdom Mana Points
18 9
19 10
20 11


  • Affects the strength of Salve and Depurate Undead.
  • When healing a player, it's their Charisma that affects the healing power.
  • Determines the way you look (in look over)


Stamina gains occur on the following levels:

1, 8, 14, 24, 29, 35, 40 (multi-alt)



An ability rather than a spell, activated by typing /tribute ##, where ## is either an item or a quantity of gold. A tribute allows a Pacifist to offer something to their deity to gain a mana boost, at a rate of 6 mana for an item (regardless of what it is) or 1 mana for every 5 gold. As long as a steady income of gold is available, this ability, coupled with Create Food and Create Water, allows a Pacifist to remain in the field for virtually limitless periods of time.


Rids the character of any poison. Uses 1 stamina and costs 10 MP. Available at level 10 for 1000 gold at the Temple of Pacifism. Can be cast on other characters.


Extremely rare spell, obtained from the Scroll of Pacifist Protect quest item.

Protects the Pacifist from traps, allowing them to venture into hazardous areas unharmed. It costs 15 MP to cast and the effect lasts for 90 seconds. Note: Not all traps are made harmless - certain death traps will still trigger whether you are Protected or not, so use caution.


For 25 mana, the Pacifist is teleported to the safety of their local tavern. This spell only works if you are on full health and stamina, and there are no hostile monsters on the square (the spell requires intense concentration, and there can be no distractions from injuries, attacks or exhaustion). Note that in some areas, ambient magic strengthens the local continuum to the point that Recall won't function.

Create Food

For 5 mana, creates a random food item in your inventory that you can either use yourself or give to a friend.

Create Water

For 5 mana, creates Water and places it in your inventory, which you can either use yourself or give to a friend.


This basic healing spell is available to Pacifists at the moment of initiation, but heals for very little, its strength approximately 66% of its caster's current level. However, it costs no mana to cast, and only uses a single stamina point.


Uses 1 stamina and costs 3 mana. Salve is the Pacifist's equivalent of the Aid spell, although cheaper to cast and available much earlier. The healing potential is calculated through the following formula:

(Charisma * 2) + Level + Variance

...where Variance is a random number between 0 and 4. When cast upon undead targets, their undead ratio will affect the resultant damage, and target players with low Charisma of their own will reduce the effect of the spell slightly. Available at level 4 for 1000 gold

Depurate Undead

Uses 1 stamina and costs 5 mana, and can only be cast upon undead monsters. This spell is the strongest offensive spell that the Pacifist caste possess, and will perform healing-based damage equal to the following formula:

(Charisma * 3) + Level + 10 + Variance

...where Variance is a random number between 0 and 4. Note also that the target's undead factor will affect the resultant damage as well. Available at level 19 for 10,000 gold at the Temple of Pacifism.


Reduces incoming damage by a factor of 2. When cast on a non-Pacifist, it also reduces their attack power by a factor of 2.

Lesser Pact

This spell will protect the target from all player attacks for 1 minute, although also preventing them from attacking players in return. Uses 1 stamina and costs 20 mana. You can cast it upon yourself, but it serves no useful purpose, as Pacifists already have intrinsic protection from such attacks.

Greater Pact

This spell will protect the Pacifist from all attacks for 30 seconds, effectively being an invincibility spell, although it won't protect against traps. Uses 1 stamina and costs 20 mana. Self-cast only.

Shield Self

Self-cast only. Reduces incoming damage from non-undead enemies by a factor of 2. Can stack with Subdue.

Justice Zone

Costs 25 mana to trigger, and 1 mana every 10 seconds following that until it is deactivated. When cast, anyone attempting to attack another player on the same square will have their damage reflected back at them, as if they attacked a Pacifist. While active, the Pacifist is immobilised, although they can cast other spells. Justice Zone deactivates if the Pacifist runs out of mana or casts the spell again (for no mana cost).

The spell itself is a homage to the Justice Zone that appears in the Red Dwarf episode "Justice", which functions in a very similar way in that any attempt at committing a crime (arson was demonstrated) is instantly reflected back at the perpetrator with no harm to the victim (in this case, Lister's jacket caught fire instead of the bedsheets that he was trying to ignite with his cigarette lighter).


As you gain experience your character will gain in levels. To level you must have the experience needed (indicated by a red experience bar, skin depending).To level up you must pay a visit to a certain guild, which will be located anywhere in the Nightmist world.

Level Location
1-40 Nightmist

For level 31: Requires Shaman's Mask. Give the required item to the guild master present and use the given key to access the level 31 guild.

For level 36 onwards: Requires Grandmaster's Insignia.

Equipment Guide


Level Weapon
1 Dwarven Tankard
1 Walking Stick
35 Staff of Tranquility


Body Armor

Level Body Armor
1 Leather Vest
5 Studded Leather Doublet
10 Branchwood Tunic
15 Oak Vest
20 Ironweed Doublet
25 Fireleaf Tunic
28 Robe of Halcyon
30 Azure Robes
32 Moonglow Gown


Level Shield
1 Wooden Bracers
5 Steel Bracers
15 Shield of Faith / Shield of Harmony
16 Feathered Shield


Level Helmet
1 Circlet
5 Gnomish Goggles / Pirate Hat / Silver Diadem
17 Stone Crown
30 Shaman's Mask


Level Gloves
10 Gloves of Cirrus / Tomb Gloves
27 Spider Gauntlets
27 Bewitched Spider Gauntlets
33 Cuffs of the Djinn


Level Boots
1 Crocodile Skin Boots
1 Ravenbone Boots
28 Boots of Radiance / Boots of Time / Epoch Boots
30 Elven Chainmail Boots / Vindicator's Boots
31 Armored Boots / Dwarven Rockstompers



Armour Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Bunny Foot Necklace / Copper Amulet
1 Silver Amulet
1 Gold Amulet
29 Pendant of Light
30 Hades Amulet
30 Platinum Amulet
30 Bloodstone
Dexterity Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Amulet of Hermes
1 Amulet of Hightail
1 Rune of Mercury
30 Amulet of Lag Protection
31 Feral Choker
Charisma Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Amulet of Grace
1 Amulet of Sympathy
1 Diamond Necklace
1 Pendant of Passion
1 Veridian Charm (+1 Str)


Level Bracelet
15 Baron's Bracelet
25 Silver Bracelet
30 Bracelet of Hope / Bracelet of Peace
31 Blackstone Bracelet / Emerald Bracelet


Level Ring
1 Gold Ring / Ilythiiri Anth
17 Ring of Apollo
25 Crystal Ring
30 Ring of Astray / Ring of Fire / Ring of Thunder / Seal of Atlantis / White Ring
30 Arachnae's Band
30 Glowing Cobalt Ring
31 Twisted Mithril Band
32 Speckled Band
40 Ring of Legend

Class-centric Bosses