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Name Ganymede
Also known as "Paci Boss"
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment Neutral Evil
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Moderate
Exp 100
Kill Exp 10,000,000
Max hit 150+
Armour N/A
Dodge N/A
Magic Resistance N/A
Undead? 100%
Special abilities
Money 10,000

Shaman's Mask (100%)


Arcane Ward
Shaman's Mask
Staff of Tranquility

Ganymede was once a powerful and highly respected Pacifist and shaman. Unfortunately, he and his deity were corrupted by the eternal evils of Aet'Thol and the dark spirits that follow him. Now he seeks to do anything but pacify. Being eternally banished in this magma chamber has only heightened his fury. The scorch marks on his face caused by being surrounded by a lava field are hidden behind a rather terrifying-looking mask.

Attacks and abilities

Ganymede is flanked by a pair of Evil Deities who have taken a form on the mortal plane; they attack with volcanic spells. Ganymede himself attacks with an ironically-named Staff of Tranquility and a corrupted version of Depurate Undead, termed Cellular Collapse, which destroys living tissue quite effectively. He is immensely powerful and resilient and, with the assistance of the Evil Deities, will almost certainly round an unprotected Pacifist.

Even though hitting and running is the only viable means of fighting Ganymede, use Greater Pact at all times when fighting him, and also consider using Subdue as emergency protection, along with any Nightshade Elixirs that you might have collected on your travels. It will take well over half-an-hour for a single Pacifist to kill Ganymede.

Favourite quotes

  • "No-one casts a Pacifist to the eternal fires!"
  • "You shall pay for what you have done to me!"




  • Ganymede can only be fought by Pacifists of level 29 or higher. (multi-alt only)
  • His name and the pyramid he resides in is a reference to the Galilean moons of Jupiter; Ganymede is the third of these moons (hence "Pyramid of the 3rd Moon"), after Io and Europa and followed by Callisto.