Pyramid of the 3rd Moon

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Land of the Dead

General Information

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Pyramid of the 3rd Moon is one of the pyramids situated northwards in the Land of the Dead. The entry into this pyramid is different for either servers.

On the multi-alt server, the pyramid is open to only Pacifists.

On the 1-alt server, the pyramid is open to Clerics, Druids, and Paladins.

Tomb of the Peasants is the first level of the pyramid, the entry level. There are various undead here but the notable ones are Mummified Slaves. Upon exploration, the adventurer finds two doors facing west. These doors are located on the west side of the central structure. The northern door is booby trapped, but the southern door leads to the Tomb of the Riches. A commanding Mummified Slave Leader holds an Egyptian Key that is used to open this door.

On the second level beneath, are Ibis Statues and more ferocious and stronger undead. North and south of the central structure are structures, each with two roomss facing in their respective direction. That is to say, the northern structure has two roomss facing north and the southern structure with two roomss facing south. One of the roomss belonging to either structure is booby trapped. Thus, the western room of the southern structure is a relatively safe one leading to the sarcophagus of the Mummified Pharaoh. The western room of the northern structure is safe and leads up back to the Tomb of the Peasants. Four Open Crypts are here. The northern one is safe and has a Bronze Mummy. The rest are booby trapped leading to death. Retrieving the Bronze Rune is essential for the next and final level of the pyramid. Return to the Tomb of the Riches and find the east-facing doors of the central structure. There are, once more, two doors. The northern door is booby trapped but the southern one is to a dark room with a spiralling staircase going very deep to where magma flows. The adventurer must bear a Pharaoh's Pendant to open the door. The room is too dark to see anything and it would be foolish to go down without a Torch to light the way.

Tomb of the Cursed, the name of the final and deepest level of the pyramid rings true for there are cursed undead and spirits here along with more Ibis Statues. While it is safe to explore here without fear of being caught in a booby trap, these monsters are more fierce yet. Throughout the tomb, Open Crypts can be found. Three of them contain mummies of their own kind and the rest hold restorative items. The northeasternmost Open Crypt is home to a Mummified Priest. The southwesternmost crypt has the Silver Mummy and east of that crypt is another hiding a Green Mummy. With the Green Rune begins a sequence to which successive colored mummies are defeated and their same-colored runes are obtained from.

The Green Rune opens the northeastern runed door. Three crypts are available in this room, but only one is safe. The western crypt leads to a Gold Mummy.

The careful observer notes that there are two doors that accept the Gold Rune, one facing south and the other faces east. These doors are adjacent to one another. The one facing east is booby trapped. Use the south-facing door to enter into a room with more Open Crypts. There are, also, three runed doors here that a Bronze Rune can open. Only the eastern crypt is safe to enter, where a Blue Mummy will jump out to fight upon a closer look into the crypt.

The Blue Rune can open two eastern runed doors, either one facing opposite one another. Whichever door is opened does not matter; what matters is that once entered, make note of the Open Crypt in the same room housing a Mummified Priest. Going east will end up badly in a booby trap, but going west brings to the crypt with the final mummy, a Red Mummy.

Therefore, the sequence is as follows:

Runes Used Mummy to Fight Runes in Possession
None Bronze Mummy Bronze Rune
None Green Mummy Bronze Rune
Green Rune
Green Rune Gold Mummy Bronze Rune
Gold Rune
Gold Rune
Bronze Rune
Blue Mummy Blue Rune
Blue Rune Red Mummy Red Rune

Bring the Red Rune to the western of the two northwestern runed doors. The eastern opens up into the magma but the western opens onto a safe path dotted with Evil Spirits. Take caution to navigate through the Magma Chamber by going in this direction from having gone past the door:

North, north, west, west, south, west, west, north, north.

Coming to this point the delver is met with three Evil Spirits.

Immediately east is Ganymede, from whom the pyramid was named after.

Points of Interest

The door requiring a Silver Rune leads into a room that has three Open Crypts. The eastern one will bring forth a Mummified Priest, the northern and southern crypts yield Nightshade Elixirs for the multi-alt server or Demonic Mana Crystals for the 1-alt server.


Both Servers

Monsters Bosses

Both Servers:

Both Servers


Numerous false doors and Open Crypts that lead to death traps exist in this dungeon.

In the Magma Chamber, a safe path must be followed exactly or the fall into the magma is surely fatal.


The Open Crypts of the Tomb of the Cursed hold restorative items besides mummies. On both servers, some Open Crypts hold Advanced Mana Crystals. On the multi-alt server, some of them hide Nightshade Elixirs. On the 1-alt server, there are Demonic Mana Crystals instead.


  • Its name is a reference to the Gailiean moons of Jupiter; in ascending distance from the planet, Ganymede is the third moon, after Io and Europa and followed by Callisto.
  • Its name is the mumble key in the Pyramid of the Mortal God.