Ibis Statue

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Name Ibis Statue
Spawn Rate Minute
Hp Moderate
Exp 65 (multi-alt)
80 (1-alt)
Kill Exp 750
Max hit 100 (*2)
Magic Resistance Very Low
Undead? Yes
Special abilities Spawns Scarab Skeletons
Money 320
Drops Small Ruby (uncommon)


The Ibis Statue has the body of a human and the head of an ibis, and is made entirely of sandstone. It has been brought to life by the evil that flows through the pyramid's foundations, and is now lunging at you with nothing but rage in its glowing red eyes.



  • Ibis Statues very quickly flood the area with Scarab Skeletons.
  • The Ibis Statues have virtually no magic resistance, making them great targets for Druids and Mages.
  • Only the Ibis Statues in the Pyramid of the 3rd Moon drop Small Rubies.
  • Vulnerable to the Dwarven Pickaxe.