Pyramid of the Mortal God

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Land of the Dead

General Information

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The Pyramid of the Mortal God is a massive pyramidal structure found southwards in the Land of the Dead.
Within the pyramid, there are five floors, each a chamber of their own. Their size follows the structure of the pyramid; Each floor going up from the base shrinks to only one room at the top inside the pyramid.
The Chamber of Horus, at the base, has Scarabs and four Open Crypts, each crypt at one of the four corners. The northeastern crypt houses a Mummified Priest. The southwestern crypt hides a Tomb Key in the sand and dust. The Tomb Key is used to access one of the four central doors into a room with an Ibis Statue and a Sarcophagus.
Breaking open the Sarcophagus reveals a mummy with a Bronze Ankh to which is used to access the next chamber, the Chamber of Isis. The stairs are found northwest nf the center of Chamber of Horus.
The Chamber of Isis is infested with Scorpions. There is a Scorpion in the northeastern part of the chamber that bears an Egyptian Key. This will open the doors that are found going east past the Stone Doors and up the stairs.
Chamber of Anubis, the name has yet to come to fruition as the expedition fights their way through Ibis Statues guarding the path to Anubis Statue.
Attempting to continue upstairs past the sealed door to the next chamber is futile. Examine the door, which asks for the utterance of the name of the neighboring pyramid. Type "/mumble Pyramid of the 3rd Moon" and the way opens. Continue on up into the Chamber of Ra and three Imperial Mummies apprehend the expedition.
In this chamber, there are rooms all around but many of them are booby trapped. From where the fight took place with the Imperial Mummies, proceeding east is the only safe option save the stairs leading up to a door that seem to not budge at all. Immediately south of the only safe room is the Mummified Pharaoh. Seizing the Silver Ankh from the pharaoh, the expedition may now return to the door leading up into the Chamber of Imhotep and challenge the apparition Imhotep himself from whom the pyramid received its name.

Points of Interest

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Both Servers

Monsters Bosses


There are numerous death traps in the Chamber of Ra.



There are no log-to-local rooms or Vortex Gates to escape, so Imhotep is a fight to the death, and the party must fight their way out of the pyramid to survive.