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Name Imhotep
Also known as Imp; Imho
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp High
Exp 100
Kill Exp 2,500,000
Max hit 144+ (dual strike)
Armour Undetermined
Dodge Undetermined
Magic Resistance Very High
Undead? 100%
Special abilities Vision, Hypnotise
Money 15,000
Drops Both Servers:

1-alt Server:

The ancient Egyptian architect that became a god... Imhotep. You are unsure whether the mummy you see before you is Imhotep himself or an apparition that looks like him. Either way, he is dressed in lavish clothing with a number of amulets fastened around his neck. He swings his Egyptian Blade wildly at you and chants arcane spells of death and destruction.

Attacks and abilities

Initially, Imhotep is flanked by a pair of Mummified Priests, who are powerful in their own right and collectively make for a very intense opening salvo. Use Consecrated Embrace to reduce their chances of striking you and to increase the damage you can do to the priests; once they have been defeated, you only have Imhotep to worry about.

Imhotep himself is no pushover, dual-striking with a range of curses and telekinetic blasts, as well as being adept with an Egyptian Blade. He can cause up to 150 damage in a single hit, so you may suffer an unfortunate casualty if his double strike lands on the same crit. He has a lot of health, so ensure you bring plenty of mana when you enter the Pyramid of the Mortal God, and try not to waste too much healing the undead Ibis Statues and the like on lower floors.

Be warned that his square is not log-to-local, so once you defeat him you will have to fight your way back out of the pyramid, which may involve another fight with the Anubis Statue.

Favourite quotes

"Anubis will see you in the underworld!"


Pyramid of the Mortal God


Both Servers:

1-alt Server:


There is nothing else to note about this boss.