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Maximum Stats

Strength: 19
Intelligence: 19
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 19
Wisdom: 19
Charisma: 19

Available Classes


Humans accrue Experience faster than any other race, gaining an extra 5% of any experience awarded.

Most Suitable Roles

Humans are considered to be the jack-of-all-trades of races, and are very adaptable and balanced, as reflected in their stats. Humans are suited to most roles they take on, and are one of two races that can be Paladins, the other being Halflings.

Human Berserkers are considerably weaker than their Dwarven and Half-Orc cousins, but have higher Dexterity than both races.

Human Mages are reasonably good, trading spell damage for higher Constitution, although the effects will not become readily apparent until level 30. However, they are generally outclassed by Half-Elven Mages, which have higher Intelligence for the same vital statistics elsewhere.