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See Thief (Monster) if you wish to see the monster named "Thief".

General info

Possible races



  • Determines the amount for which you hit with a weapon.

Not used at all.


  • Determines the ability to dodge as well as hit.


  • Determines health points on start and at every level up.
  • Determines the amount you can walk covert (hidden) without running out of stamina.

The amount of health points you will gain every level is randomly calculated using your constitution as a factor.

Constitution Level 1-29 Level 30-40
18 8-10 16-21
19 8-11 16-23
20 8-11 16-23
21 9-11 18-23


  • Determines your magic resistance.


  • Determines the way you look (in look over).
  • Slightly influences the amount you get healed for.


Stamina gains occur on the following levels:

1, 8, 17, 24, 29, 33, 36, 40 (1-alt)

1, 6, 13, 21, 26, 34, 40 (multi-alt)


Steal Gold

Steals gold from the foe. The amount of gold taken is 1% of the Thief's current level (e.g. at level 33, it is 33%).

Sometimes though, you may fail and receive the message "You were not stealthy enough, and were noticed" - this also reveals you if you were also covert, allowing your victim the opportunity to counter-attack. Note that if you steal gold from a player, they receive a warning that they were stolen from.


Conceals you from players and monsters, although you cannot do so in the presence of others. Note that if you move around while covert (unless you're a party member), you slowly lose stamina, forcing you to stop occasionally so it can recharge. Most actions will reveal you from covert - the only times you remain covert is if you successfully assassinate (you are revealed if it doesn't kill them) or steal gold from someone.


The Thief's ultimate attack. A knife in the back bypasses any armour (except magical) the target may have for a single, high-damage attack that also drains the Thief's stamina. Damage is dependent on Strength and the amount of stamina you currently have.

If you assassinate a player from covert and successfully kill them, you are not revealed from covert if they were alone, and your identity is not revealed to them when they respawn in their local tavern, instead simply listing you as "an assassin".



Level Location
1-14 Nightmist
14-20 Arilin
15-25 Resthaven
20-28 Large Forest
28-29 Grassy Path
30-39 Silversail

Levelling to 31: Requires Emerald Dagger, Frostborn's Razor, Ilythiiri Keeshe, Mithril Claws or Mithril Sword. Give the required item to the guild master present and use the given key to access the level 30 guild. Leveling to 36 and onwards: Requires Grandmaster's Insignia.


Level Location
1-10 Nightmist
11-15 Resthaven
16-20 Arilin
21-25 Enchanted Forest
26-28 Royal Forest
29-30 Silversail
31-40 Tirantek (tokens and trinkets)
31 Royal Forest (alternate system)
32 Mount Fenowasty (alternate system)
33 Orc Caves (alternate system)
34 Gloomy Cavern (alternate system)
35 Silversail Beach (alternate system)
36-39 Sewers (alternate system)

Equipment Guide


Level Weapon
1 Staff / Dagger / Dirk
1 Oak Staff
2 Short Sword
5 Hand Axe
10 Dagger of Shadows
12 Scarlet Dagger
13 Iron Staff
13 Red Hot Iron Staff
15 Bronze Dagger
17 Fancy Short Sword
17 Golden Dagger
18 Tanto
19 Crystal Knife
20 Katana
23 Black Crossbow
25 Magma Knife
25 Dagger of the Winds
25 Cobalt Staff of the Winds / Scepter of Balance / Trinity Blade
25 Orcsbane (1-alt only)
26 Ivory Dagger
27 Mithril Sword
28 Dagger of Spirits
29 Frostborn's Razor
29 Ilythiiri Keeshe
30 Silver Crossbow
30 Emerald Dagger
30 Mithril Claws
32 Crimson Rapier (1-alt only) / Elfrune Rapier / Midnight Rapier / Mithril Rapier / Twilight Rapier
35 Assassin's Tear (multi-alt only)
35 Har'oloth Velve (multi-alt only)


Body Armor

Level Body Armor
1 Leather Vest
5 Studded Leather Doublet
10 Branchwood Tunic
15 Oak Vest
20 Ironweed Doublet
25 Concealing Petal Armor
25 Fireleaf Tunic
30 Midnight Tunic
36 Cloak of the Avenger (1-alt only)
37 Veil of Nyx (multi-alt only)


Level Shield
1 Buckler
1 Wooden Bracers
5 Gold Bracers / Steel Bracers
33 Bracers of Exile (multi-alt only)


Level Helmet
15 Studded Helm
26 Feathered Helm / Ironweed Shroud (multi-alt only)
31 Executioner's Hood (1-alt only)
40 Reaper's Hood


Level Gloves
1 Centipede Gloves
10 Gloves of Cirrus / Tomb Gloves
25 Iron Gauntlets
27 Sonic Gauntlets / Spider Gauntlets / Typhoon Gloves
27 Bewitched Spider Gauntlets
29 Gauntlets of Malice / Gauntlets of Virtue
29 Gauntlets of Faravar


Level Boots
1 Crocodile Skin Boots
1 Ravenbone Boots
30 Elven Chainmail Boots (multi-alt only) / Vindicator's Boots
30 Whispering Moccasins
31 Armored Boots (multi-alt only) / Dwarven Rockstompers



Armour Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Bunny Foot Necklace / Copper Amulet
1 Silver Amulet
1 Gold Amulet
29 Pendant of Light
30 Hades Amulet
30 Platinum Amulet
30 Bloodstone (multi-alt only)
31 Suppression Charm (1-alt only)
Strength Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Firestone Charm
1 Granite Amulet
1 Sthenias Medallion
1 Cerulean Periapt (+1 Con) (multi-alt only)
1 Hex of Amber (+1 Int) (multi-alt only)
1 Veridian Charm (+1 Chr) (multi-alt only)
35 Borealis Talisman (+1 Wis) (multi-alt only)
Dexterity Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Amulet of Hermes
1 Amulet of Hightail
1 Rune of Mercury
30 Amulet of Lag Protection
31 Feral Choker (multi-alt only)
Constitution Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Amulet of Stealth
1 Cerulean Periapt (+1 Str) (multi-alt only)


Level Bracelet
15 Baron's Bracelet
25 Silver Bracelet
30 Bracelet of Hope
31 Blackstone Bracelet (multi-alt only) / Emerald Bracelet
35 Crystal Bracelet (1-alt only)


Level Ring
1 Gold Ring / Ilythiiri Anth
17 Ring of Apollo
25 Crystal Ring
30 Ring of Astray / Ring of Fire / Ring of Thunder / Seal of Atlantis (multi-alt only) / White Ring (multi-alt only)
30 Arachnae's Band
30 Glowing Cobalt Ring
31 Twisted Mithril Band (multi-alt only)
32 Speckled Band (multi-alt only)
40 Ring of Legend

Class-centric Bosses