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Illuminated Tunnel

General Information

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The Royal Forest, named so by its proximity to Harabec which lies to its east, is not only home to bears and wolves but also to Bandits that take refuge in the shade as they pilfer goods from the royal city of Harabec. The Royal Forest is entered at its west from the clearing belonging to the Large Forest.

Points of Interest

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  • Bandit Hideout


North of the Royal Forest is a dense woodland which has proven difficult to penetrate and so thus the Elves of Kantele made the use of a cavernous passage leading under and through that dense forestry. This cavernous pathway is none other than the Illuminated Tunnel. To find its entrance, navigate north at the first fork from the western entrance to the forest. Continue north at the second fork then take the west path at the next fork. Following this path into the northwestern region of the forest, there is what appears to be a dead end to the east, but there is a hole that leads down into the Illuminated Tunnel.


On the 1-alt server, three level 25-28 guilds exist and they are on the eastern side of the Royal Forest, close enough to Harabec. A level 30 guild, for which a level 30 character advances to level 31, is discovered at the southwestern region of the forest.
The Druid guild is found by locating the southernmost Wolf in the southeastern region of the forest. There is a thick vegetation consisting of mostly vines to the west of where the Wolf is allowing passage only to Druids and after all creatures on the square have been slain.
The Ranger guild is located at the southeastern region of the forest where bears prowl. There is a building to the east of where the bears are which only Rangers are welcomed in but not before all creatures on the preceding square are slain.
The Thief guild is located nearby the Bandit Hideout, at a dead end to its east. All creatures and any guarding Bandits must be slain before the Thief may open the trapdoor leading down into the guild.
The level 30 guild, for which a level 30 character uses to advance to level 31, is within the Gaping Chasm located at what appears to be a dead end in the southwestern region of the forest. When entering the Royal Forest at its western side from the clearing, take the southern path at the first fork. Be mindful of the wolves and, when following the path, go east at the next fork to find a rift in the earth. The Gaping Chasm requires a Climbing Gear to trickle down safely to a ledge within it.


The Bandit Hideout is a refuge for the ornerous Bandits that continue to plague Harabec with crimes. To find the Bandit Hideout, follow the path from Harabec into the forest and west past the first fork then take the northern path at the next fork. This path leads to either a dead end and the Bandit Hideout which should be approached with caution as Bandits become numerous here.


1-alt Server

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The Vanity Buck is located on the ledge within the Gaping Chasm.


Oftentimes bears can be found in swarms in the forest but, if not taken care of, Bandits can begin to become numerous and gang up on hapless wayfarers, making navigation through the forest somewhat difficult. Wolves are the ones to be watched out for as they deal relatively high damage.


The Bandit Leader is located in the Bandit Hideout.


On the 1-alt server, the Bandit Leader is kill-to-pass and potentially a death sentence to the unprepared adventurer who enters the Bandit Hideout.


There are no loot to be found in this area.

Royal Forest

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There is nothing else to note about this area.