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General info

Possible races



  • Determines the amount for which you hit with a weapon.

Not used at all.


  • Determines the ability to dodge as well as hit.


  • Determines health points on start and at every level up.

The amount of health points you will gain every level is randomly calculated using your constitution as a factor.

Constitution Level 1-29 Level 30-40
18 8-10 16-21
19 8-11 16-23


  • Determines your magic resistance.


  • Determines the chance of a successful hypnotise.
  • Determines the way you look (in look over).
  • Slightly influences the amount you get healed for.


Stamina gains occur on the following levels:

1, 5, 12, 20, 29, 31, 34, 38 (1-alt)

1, 5, 12, 20, 29, 35, 40 (multi-alt)




Hypnotise, if successful, prevents some monsters from attacking for a while, and depending on their individual behaviour, they may follow you around less or more often than normal. If the monster is attacked while hypnotised, it snaps out of its trance and resumes its hostility.

If successfully cast upon a player, as is also done by some high-end monsters, the target's chance to hit is reduced by 10%. This negative effect, while eventually wearing off naturally, can be cleared immediately with Cleanse or Dispell, or by consuming a Nightshade Elixir (Antitoxins and Lifewater Potions won't help in this case).

Chance of a successful Hypnotise depends on the Ranger's Charisma.


Dual Shot

A Dual Shot launches two arrows from the bow simultaneously. Using only a single stamina point, it is slightly less accurate than a straightforward attack, but is more damaging - at higher levels though, the lower hit rate is negligible. Dual Shot becomes available at level 15.

Rapid Fire

The Ranger looses an arrow, and immediately notches another arrow to loose at the same target, continuing until they are too tired to continue (i.e. running out of stamina). The number of arrows loosed equates to whatever the Ranger's current stamina was when the attack was initiated.

Despite using all of the Ranger's stamina and leaving them vulnerable to a counterattack, this is by far the strongest attack that Rangers have available, and the hit rate is fairly good as well. Rapid Fire becomes available at level 23.

Flaming Arrow

A flaming arrow, if it connects with a player, will give the target a 1-point poison - while this is not particularly useful, it can disrupt a supporting Cleric by causing them to waste heal or Cleanse spells on them. The arrow itself performs slightly less damage than Dual Shot, and only uses one stamina. Flaming Arrow becomes available at level 28.


As you gain experience your character will gain in levels. To level you must have the experience needed (indicated by a red experience bar, skin depending).To level up you must pay a visit to a certain guild, which will be located anywhere in the Nightmist world. Guild locations on Nightmist Multi and Nightmist 1a are different.


Level Location
1-2 Nightmist
3-10 Grassy Meadow
10-20 Large Forest
15-25 Resthaven
20-28 Arilin
28-29 Jahanna Desert
30-39 Silversail

Levelling to 31: Requires Spider Gauntlets x2 and 100k Gold Money Order x2. Give the required items to the guild master present and use the given key to access the level 30 guild. Leveling to 36 and onwards: Requires Grandmaster's Insignia.


Level Location
1-3 Nightmist
4-10 Grassy Meadow
11-15 Resthaven
16-20 Arilin
21-24 Lost Trail
25-28 Royal Forest
29-30 Jahanna Desert
31-40 Tirantek (tokens and trinkets)
31 Royal Forest (alternate system)
32 Mount Fenowasty (alternate system)
33 Orc Caves (alternate system)
34 Gloomy Cavern (alternate system)
35 Silversail Beach (alternate system)
36-39 Oak Tree (alternate system)

Equipment Guide


Level Weapon
1 Staff / Dagger / Dirk
1 Oak Staff / Short Bow
7 Long Bow
7 Spider Staff
13 Iron Staff
14 Steel Bow
16 Leather Bound Bow
17 Fancy Short Sword
20 Jungle Bow (multi-alt only)
20 Steel Long Bow
22 Bow of Courage
23 Black Crossbow
25 Bow of Prophecy / Enchanted Bow / Spirit Bow
25 Apex Bow (1-alt only)
25 Immortal Bow of Courage (1-alt only)
25 Moonsilver Stave (1-alt only) / Orcsbane (1-alt only)
29 Bloodsteel Bow (1-alt only)
30 Elven Long Bow / Silver Crossbow
30 Cobalt Bow
36 Bow of Artemis (1-alt only)


Body Armor

Level Body Armor
1 Leather Vest
5 Studded Leather Doublet
10 Branchwood Tunic
15 Oak Vest
17 Elven Breastplate
20 Ironweed Doublet
21 Bear Pelt
25 Fireleaf Tunic
30 Living Armor
30 Sand Wurm Hide
32 Dark Mithril Chain (multi-alt only)
36 Ghillie Suit (1-alt only)
36 Adamantite Ringmail (1-alt only)


Level Shield
1 Small Shield
5 Medium Shield
10 Large Shield
15 Iron Shield
15 Shield of Faith
16 Feathered Shield
20 Enchanted Bracers
25 Earth Ward (1-alt only)
25 Glowing Bracers
31 Snakewillow Brace (1-alt only)
33 Pathfinder's Guard (multi-alt only)


Level Helmet
1 Helmet / Arthropod Mask (1-alt only)
2 Silver Helmet
10 Reinforced Helmet
15 Studded Helm
20 Branchwood Helmet
25 Spiked Helmet
28 Dragon Crest (multi-alt version)
29 Dragon Crest (1-alt version)
30 Adamant Fullhelm (multi-alt only) / Helm of Triumph
30 Anubis Mask
38 Mask of the Wild (multi-alt version)
40 Mask of the Wild (1-alt version)


Level Gloves
1 Leather Gloves
1 Centipede Gloves
10 Tomb Gloves
27 Spider Gauntlets
27 Bewitched Spider Gauntlets
29 Gauntlets of Virtue
29 Gloves of Vigor
36 Talaskan Gauntlets (1-alt only)


Level Boots
1 Crocodile Skin Boots
1 Ravenbone Boots
28 Boots of Time
30 Metallic Greaves / Vindicator's Boots / Elven Chainmail Boots (multi-alt only) / Dwarven Rockstompers (1-alt version)
31 Armored Boots (multi-alt only) / Dwarven Rockstompers (multi-alt version)
40 Mukluks of Cernnunos (multi-alt only)



Armour Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Bunny Foot Necklace
1 Copper Amulet
1 Silver Amulet
1 Gold Amulet
29 Pendant of Light
30 Hades Amulet / Platinum Amulet
30 Bloodstone (multi-alt only)
31 Suppression Charm (1-alt)
Strength Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Firestone Charm
1 Granite Amulet
1 Sthenias Medallion
1 Ashen Talisman (multi-alt only)
1 Cerulean Periapt (+1 Con) (multi-alt only)
1 Hex of Amber (+1 Int) (multi-alt only)
1 Veridian Charm (+1 Chr) (multi-alt only)
35 Borealis Talisman (+1 Wis) (multi-alt only)
Dexterity Amulets
Level Amulet
1 Amulet of Hermes
1 Amulet of Hightail
1 Rune of Mercury
30 Amulet of Lag Protection
31 Feral Choker (multi-alt only)


Level Bracelet
15 Baron's Bracelet
25 Silver Bracelet
30 Bracelet of Hope
31 Blackstone Bracelet (multi-alt only) / Emerald Bracelet
35 Crystal Bracelet (1-alt only)


Level Ring
1 Gold Ring
17 Ring of Apollo
25 Crystal Ring
30 Ring of Astray / Ring of Fire / Ring of Thunder / Seal of Atlantis (multi-alt only) / White Ring (multi-alt only)
30 Arachnae's Band
30 Glowing Cobalt Ring
31 Twisted Mithril Band (multi-alt only)
32 Speckled Band (multi-alt only)
40 Ring of Legend

Class-centric Bosses