Grassy Meadow

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Location on World Map
Barrier Forest
None Grassy Meadow Large Forest
Both Servers:
Guild of Crafters
Land of the Dead
Spider Lair
Ziggurat Ruin
1-alt Server:
Twilight Jungle

General Information

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The Grassy Meadow is one of the first areas that a player will enter. On the multi-alt server, the meadow is often swarming with not only bunnies but magimoxes. On the 1-alt server, there are no magimoxes but instead the occasional Gnoll Juvenile, and apart of the meadow is no-PK - players get a subtle warning if they step outside of this buffer zone.
Often, players will enter the meadow from the south onto a small path connecting to the Northern Gatehouse of Nightmist. There is another way to enter the meadow, which is by the Large Forest to the east.
Straight north from the small path leading to Nightmist is the Forest Path where FElled Forest can be found. Straight west from the Large Forest entrance leads to a path that opens up to the Pine Grove. To the south of the Pine Grove, entered from the meadow, is a Graveyard. On the northwestern side of the meadow opens up to the Barrier Forest open only to clerics, druids, paladins and, on the multi-alt server, pacifists of levels 21 and under.
A great Gnarled Oak Tree sits tall, proud, mighty on the meadow to the southeast. The Guild of Crafters tower has attempted to imitiate the mighty size of the Gnarled Oak Tree but excels in attracting many crafters here, this tower is located northwest near the small path leading to Nightmist.

Points of Interest

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There are three dungeons that exist on both servers and an additional one on the 1-alt server.
By having the Spade and with it the player can go down a false grave in the Graveyard that leads into a tunnel to the portal to the Land of the Dead. A Token Coin of Cyric is used to pass through the portal.
There is a lone Sentry Spider somewhere in the meadow guarding the entrance to the Spider Lair.
Exploring southwestwards in the Pine Grove takes the adventurer to the Ziggurat Ruin.
On the 1-alt server, the Sun Shrine marks the location opening to the Twilight Jungle when the bold adventurer holds a Sunstone and goes down from there. To acquire a Sunstone, visit the Gnarled Oak Tree.


Two guilds are present in the meadow on both servers but on the multi-alt server they are for levels three through ten and on the 1-alt server they are for levels three through nine.
The Druids Guild is located on the east side of the meadow immediately north from the entrance to the Large Forest.
The Rangers Guild is located on the south side of the grassy meadow, near the entrance to the Graveyard.


The Gnarled Oak Tree is where one of the fantastical things happen in the meadow.
On the multi-alt server, immediately northwest of the tree is a very luminous boss Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes. The boss is able to follow any player so it may not always be found immediately northwestern and may require some hunting but the northwestern spot is where the boss usually appears.
On the 1-alt server, the tree serves as a Vortex Gate spot which leads to a shop where you can buy the Sunstone for 25,000 gold.

While technically a dungeon, the Guild of Crafters is rather more a place for crafting wonderful things and requires a Guild of Crafters Membership Ring to be allowed entry.


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The Pine Grove and the forest path leading to the Ziggurat Ruin is home to Giant Spiders, Large Snakes, and Rabid Chipmunks. Pine Trees may be cut down with axes, other weapons are generally ineffective.


There are no hazards in this area.


  • Wooden Key - Search in northwestern corner of the Graveyard

Felled Forest Pine Grove Gnarled Oak Tree


  • The Felled Forest and the Gnarled Oak Tree forage spots are specific while the Pine Grove is the general vicinity.
  • The Forest Path is a hotspot for 25+ rooms clanhouses.