Guild of Crafters

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Connects to following areas:
Grassy Meadow

General Information

The Guild of Crafters tower is situated in the southwestern quadrant of the grassy field of Grassy Meadow, not far from the Northern Gatehouse of Nightmist, and houses many of the master crafters of the realm. Access into the tower requires a Guild of Crafters Membership Ring, otherwise Groldan who stands guard at the Tower Entrance does not allow passage.

The Tower Entrance is considered the first floor or the ground level of the tower. The following floors are accessible by going up and down the staircase of the tower and listed below each of the floors are the rooms that are connected to them:

Second Floor:

  • North: Room of the Potion Master and Boiler Room

Third Floor:

  • North: Iron Cauldron
  • West: Smith's Workshop
  • East: 1-alt Server: Armourer's Mill
  • South: Druid Chamber

Fourth Floor:

  • North: Cobbler's Workshop
  • West: Goldsmith's Workshop
  • East: Glassblower's Furnace
  • South: Elegant Foyer

Fifth Floor:

  • West: Tower Ledge
  • East: Visitor's Quarters

Note that the Armourer's Mill exists only on the 1-alt server.

The items that are crafted in this tower can be found listed in the Crafting page.

Points of Interest


Both Servers:


Two shops exist in this tower. The Iron Cauldron Shop is in the Iron Cauldron room. Another is the Glassblower's Furnace Shop located in the Glassblower's Furnace room.


Multi-Alt Server Both Servers 1-alt Server

There are no monsters or bosses in this area.


Most of the NPCs of the tower are available in their respective rooms, but the NPCs mentoned below require a bit of work before they can be approached:

Guildmaster Kelris is in hisoffice beyond a locked door south of the Elegant Foyer where Seneschal is located, the door requires a Guildmaster's Key.

Iiyolan is located in a Dark Room to the east of the Visitor's Quarters, a Hooded Lantern is required otherwise Huntmaster Sebestyen prevents any attempt to proceed east.

Drotar rests upon a ledge below the Tower Ledge. A Black Leathery Wings is needed to be able to safely descend onto the ledge where Drotar is located.

On the multi-alt server, Tiqalizaperos can be reached by climbing on her tail from the Tower Ledge. Note that Tiqalizaperos is resting upon the Tower Apex.


Minor damage from flying frying pan upon entering Baba Zsuska's lair.


There are no loot to be found in this area.

There are no forages to be found in this area.


See the Crafting page to find out what can be crafted in this tower.