Barrier Forest

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Grassy Meadow
Necromancer Tower

General Information

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The Barrier Forest is open only to Clerics, Druids, Paladins, and, on the multi-alt server, Pacifists of level 21 and under. The forest is in dire need of help as corruption creeps southeastwards towards the Grassy Meadow. At the entrance to the forest lies a Wounded Druid who seeks aid in combating the evil that is penetrating the forest.
By heading northwest does the adventurer come to the Necromancer Tower, the source of the corruption that festers all about causing the woodland to die.

Points of Interest

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Both Servers

  • Druid's House
  • Underground Passage



The Necromancer Tower is guarded by a tall perimeter wall and by all things arisen from the dead by none other than the necromancer who reside in the tower.
There are three entrances to the Necromancer Tower. The first entrance is the eastern-facing main entrance through the perimeter wall.
The second entrance is found by following the oozing sludge stream filled with sludge tendrils and tentacles. This pathway takes the expedition through a cracked wall in the south side of the perimeter wall and may prove to be dangerous.
The third is a hidden entrance which is through the Underground Passage.

Where there are Giant Spider Zombies, along the southwestern side of the area, there is a one-way passage into the Spider Lair. Whether this be of great use or detrimental depends on the adventurer. This passage drops into the end of one of the northeastward branches of the spider nest tunnel.


The Druid of Barrier Forest has a house located northwards from the entrance to this area. If the druid is attacked, the druid retreats east. Watch out for the Vinewhip Troll!

The Underground Passage is a underground tunnel containing many Ghouls and the occasional Skeletal Imp and Ghast. To enter the Underground Passage, a rope is needed each time that the adventurer goes down into or comes up out of the illusory stump located to the west of the Necromancer Tower perimeter wall.
Exploring the tunnels, the adventurer will encounter Sludge Tentacles coming from the east. Sludge Tendrils accompany them except one. The lone, wandering and groping, Sludge Tendril marks the location where the adventurer may go north from and discover the hidden entrance to the Tower Dungeon of the Necromancer Tower.


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Both Servers


Ghasts and Ghouls are located in the Underground PAssage.


A sludge stream oozing from the Necromancer Tower has noxious fumes that cause moderate poison damage.
The Vinewhip Troll may be considered a death sentence unless a massive army is gathered to fight it.


  • Mana Crystal - Search at Druid's Home
  • Rope - Search for in the Underground Passage

Dying Woodland

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There is nothing else to note about this area.