Necromancer Tower

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Connects to following areas:
Barrier Forest

General Information


Standing tall, the Necromancer's Tower is located in the northwestern region of the Barrier Forest within a perimeter wall that guards it. The gate through the keep is at the center of the eastern wall. Inside the perimeter wall is a courtyard and the tower itself. An old stables sits against the northern wall towards the east side, the northwestern corner of the courtyard is the servant's quarter, a kitchen is located behind the tower, and there is a small guard tower to the southeast. At the center is the tower, its main entrance facing east.
The tower consists of four upper floors and two lower levels with a ground floor. There is a staircase at the northwestern corner of the ground floor. Going down the stairs lead to a lower floor that is the store room. At the southwest corner of the store room is a hidden passageway into the tower dungeon below.
Going up the staircase on the ground floor leads to a private chamber. Continuing up the staircase takes the party into a library. There is another staircase in the library that goes up to a workroom. Going father up still on another staircase in the workroom arrives at the laboratory where the necromancer himself is busy working his dark sorcery.

Points of Interest

The sludge stream is oozing southwestwards and has made a break in the perimeter wall at its southeast, the break is beside the guard tower.
There is a backdoor to the necromancer's tower, it is through the kitchen. This is one way to avoid fighting the Stone Gargoyle.
The southwestern corner of the tower dungeon level is a loose stone floor allowing access in and out of the necromancer's tower to or from the Underground Passage of the Barrier Forest.


There are no NPCs in this area.

Monsters Bosses

Both Servers

Both Servers


The Sludge Entity continuously spawns Sludge Tentacles. Only the Sludge Tentacles need to be destroyed to be able to escape either by retreating or by going upstairs into the laboratory before more tentacles are spawned.
While not quite a boss, at the level that characters must face the Stone Gargoyle can prove to be difficult since magical weapons are rare for the level and only Druids have offensive magical spells that can harm it. Weapons that are not magical cannot harm it. The gargoyle must be defeated to gain access into the tower when coming through the main entrance.
Zanitos, the necromancer, is atop the tower in his laboratory. After he is defeat, he yields a key that allows descent from the laboratory to the Barrier Forest where the party is met with the Druid of Barrier Forest. In this place, by examining they may be preesented with a Shield of Faith.


The sludge stream oozes from the tower and through the perimeter wall, its noxious fumes cause damage.



There is nothing else to note.