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1-alt Server:
Cinderforge Mine
Lost Trail None

General Information

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A wilderness called the Lost Trail stretches northward from Blackthorn to Sarka. Navigating the trail often ends up in a dead-end or returning to the previous path by circling back around to it. The Lost Trail is a habitat for a diverse population of creatures varying in their ferocity and lethality.
A large Museum sits at its center. Upon reaching its doors does the adventurer know that they have reached the midpoint of the Lost Trail if they find themselves in a venture to Sarka. To reach the doors from Blackthorn, the adventurer goes northwards from the entrance and follows the path snaking eastwards, making a wide turn north. Following this path and sticking to a northwards bearing, the adventurer encounters the only Chair and Table. Immediately north of them is the Museum doors requiring a Museum Key to pass through.
Taking either west or east path at the two animated, enchanted furniture will come around the Museum. These two paths join behind the large building and goes north to a fork. Eastward leads to not only more dead-ends but also the one and only true path that snakes to the entrance to Sarka. From the fork north of the Museum, follow the eastern path to the first north. This path bends west then arrives at another fork. The northern path is more dead-end, but northwards from the west path is the path to the city of Sarka.

Points of Interest

Guilds Other

1-alt Server:

1-alt Server:

  • Cinderforge Mine Staging Post
  • Shimmering Cave


On the 1-alt server, a guild exists in this area and the guild is for Rangers of levels twenty through twenty-four. upon entering the Lost Trail from Blackthorn, begin heading westwards to where the path turns south. Continue west to find a hut. Inside this hut is the guild. Monsters must first be slain before entry into the hut is possible.


On the 1-alt server, the entrance to the Cinderforge Mine can also be found on the Lost Trail. To find the Cinderforge Mine Staging Post, head westward upon entering the trail from Blackthorn. Characters of level 24 or higher may proceed into the Cinderforge Mine Staging Post. The entry fee is 750 gold. Harabec Guards block anyone who does not possess a Miner's Helmet for safety reasons.
On the 1-alt server, a Shimmering Cave is located in the northeastern region of the Lost Trail. At the fork north of the Museum, head straight east and follow the path northwards to another fork that leads north and west. Follow the west path and a reeking odor gives the hint of the presence of the cave where the Sabretooth Tiger lurks.


1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses

Both Servers:

Multi-alt Server:

1-alt Server:


On the multi-alt server, the Wolf Lord is found circling clockwise through a dead-end. To find the Wolf Lord, follow the western path at the fork north of the Museum. When the Wolf Lord goes south through the dead-end, the hunting expedition will have to run around to meet it on the other side.


There are no loot to be found in this area.


There is nothing else to note about this area.