Wolf Lord

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Name Wolf Lord
Also known as WL
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment True Neutral
Spawn Rate Hourly
Hp Moderate (Self-heal)
Exp 75
Kill Exp Multi-alt: Unknown
1-alt: 250,000
Max hit 105 * 2
Armour Moderate
Dodge High
Magic Resistance Moderate
Undead? No
Special abilities Self-Healing, Hypnotise, Moves around
Money Multi-alt: 2,000
1-alt: 4,000
Drops Both Servers:

1-alt Server:

Unlike its smaller subjects, the Wolf Lord stares at you without a sign of fear, anger, or even hunger. Deep yellow eyes stare at you with calculating precision, seeming to tear your defenses apart effortlessly. With slow, almost leisurely movements, it advances on you.

Attacks and abilities

The Wolf Lord has a far more powerful attack than the lesser wolves scattered nearby, and can attack two targets at once (or the same one twice). Occasionally, it will Hypnotise its prey, reducing your chance of hitting the already agile Wolf Lord.

Favourite quotes

  • Death Message: Howllllllllllll


Multi-alt Server:

1-alt Server:


1-alt Server:


Multi-Alt Server: This boss moves around in a circular path, but at one point he moves where you cannot follow, forcing you to backtrack.

1-alt Server: The Wolf Lord walks through Talaskan Digestors in a path that revolves around Lake Talaska inside of the Talaskan Forest. For this reason, fighting this boss can be dangerous especially with the rest of the inhabitants of the forest.