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Lost Trail

General Information


A mysterious source of enchantment has caused the furnitures belonging to the citizens of Sarka to become animated. They have managed to push the locals north and these locals remain steadfast guarding their last remaining safe space.

Sarka, at least the overrun part, is connected to the Lost Trail to its south side at the middle. The entire town is shaped like a waffle. That is to say, five streets run from west to east parallel to one another and seven streets perpendicular to the five streets run parallel to one another. The northernmost street that runs east and west is the safe haven where strong locals guard the remaining livable space of the city from animated furniture.

On the 1-alt server, a Chair and a Table must be destroyed before the safe street can be accessed.

Points of Interest

Taverns Banks Shops

Both Servers:

  • Sarka Pub

Both Servers:

  • Bank

Both Servers:

1-alt Server:


Both Servers:

  • Kitchen
  • Mayor's House


Sarka Pub is straight north from the entrance to the city from the Lost Trail.


Past Sarka Pub is the Bank of Sarka.


At the furthest north past Sarka Pub is the Sarka Magic Shop.

On the 1-alt server, the Sinister Workshop is to the north of the western part of the safe street.


The Kitchen is located by going north then east from the tavern of Sarka.

The Side Street is on the east side of Sarka, east of the eastern end of the second northernmost street. Following the Side Street takes the investigation to the Mayor's House.


Both Servers 1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses

Both Servers:

Both Servers:


On the 1-alt server, the Abyssal Cultist is located in the Sinister Workshop with a Wooden Bench.


Chairs and Tables spawn within the overrun part of the city, but other creatures from the Lost Trail can be dragged and follow rushing adventurers into the overrun part of the city. They are, however, kept away from the safe street by the mighy locals.


Mayor Tvarti resides in the Mayor's House. On the 1-alt server, he must be killed to escape.


There are no loot to be found in this city.


There is nothing else to note about this city.