Harabec Guard

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The Harabec Guard stands sternly in his position readily guarding the city from attack.


  • Located Inside Arilin and Harabec.
  • On the 1-alt server, two are located at the East Harabec Mining Company outside of where the Cinderforge Mine is entered from The Ancients. They guard the entrance preventing anyone, either a lone character or the party leader, without a Miner's Helmet access into the mine for safety reasons.
  • On the 1-alt server, they are found in several places within the Cinderforge Mine.
  • On the 1-alt server, two guard the entrance to the Cinderforge Mine from the Lost Trail. They guard the entrance for safety reasons.
  • On the 1-alt server, the guards exchange items dropped by Bandits for Services to Harabec Coins.
  • During a quest years ago, a war was fought between Harabec and Arilin, upon the players on the Harabec team winning, Harabec Guards became stationed in Arilin.


1-alt Server
Items to Give Items Received
Bronze Vase Services to Harabec Coin
Cobbler's Hammer Services to Harabec Coin
Copper Chalice Services to Harabec Coin
Embalmed Dagger Services to Harabec Coin
Forest Landscape Services to Harabec Coin
Sterling Flatware Services to Harabec Coin