The Ancients

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Location on World Map
Harabec The Ancients None
Cinderforge Mine

General Information

Across the Great River from Harabec is a rocky wasteland called The Ancients, also known as the Badlands. This area, existing only on the 1-alt server, is home to fearsome predators most of which are giant insects. A long, enormous river called the Great River is to the east of Harabec and thus flanks the west side of the badlands. A Rugged Road begins at the end of the stone bridge from Harabec, at the edge of the Great River, goes eastward to a mountainside camp called the East Harabec Mining Company.
Strewn all over the badlands are subsiding ground which give away the location of collapsible ground that sends the unwary traveler down into the Cinderforge Mine. Otherwise, a safe way to enter the Cinderforge Mine is by way of the East Harabec Mining Company. A fee of 750 gold is needed to access the camp and further advance that brings the traveler to the entrance of the Cinderforge Mine requires a Miner's Helmet.

Points of Interest


1-alt Server


The Cinderforge Supply Shop sells all the equipment that is needed for mining operations to be carried out.
The first thing that is noticed upon entry into the Logistics Centre is the Foreman who incessantly commands the operation. He explicitly tells the volunteer to read the sign and learn about how the operations are carried out.


1-alt Server


1-alt Server


Only the Alligators and Titan Hornets are kill-to-pass but they can be deadly for a sole adventurer.
If monsters that are not kill-to-pass end up following whoever is fleeing on the stone bridge westward, at some point they will block any further progress west and must either be lured back eastward or killed.


AT the beginning of the Rugged Road is a sign that can be read which tells of danger that are all about in the badlands which are collapsible ground. The collapsible ground pockmarking the badlands can be detected by examining the surrounding to notice any sign of subisiding ground. If, however, the unwary traveler walks onto them some will not lead to any injury at all, some will result in injuries, and some are fatal. Thus, the traveler should be wary and pay attention to the surrounding.


There are no loot to be found in this area.


There is nothing else to note about this area.