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Harabec Cinderforge Mine Lost Trail
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Since time immemorial, prospectors who managed to traverse the dangerous badlands would make their fortune from mining coal from the mountains to the East. But selling fuel for gold was too short-sighted for one ambitious warlord, because with coal comes fire, with fire comes steel, and with steel comes conquest. True enough, with a strategic bend in the Great River and the coal mine nearby, the perfect geography for a fortress coupled with bountiful fuel for the forges, the Empire of Harabec was born, while the mine was christened Cinderforge, the bringer of fire.

As with any entity claiming power, whether an individual or an entire nation, there will always be challenges to the rule, but Harabec proved itself to be a warrior unparalleled in direct combat. The citizens of Arilin were ruthlessly suppressed with little difficulty (the loss of Prince Edward was only possible through subversion), and no-one dared question Harabec's status since. Even when Teptok came down from the mountains directly above the mine, knowing full well how valuable an asset it was, the army kept the mine safe and the Empire stood strong while Teptok was forced to rebuild his own empire in the confines of Harabec Dungeon.

Unfortunately, every construct has its weakness, and as was proven with another mine in the realm, the true threat comes from two places: from greed, and from below. At some point, mining operations found deposits of mithril below the coal seams, a material that would surely boost Harabec's standing even further... imagine, the land's greatest empire marching out the land's greatest soldiers sporting mithril plate and ordnance. But with the mithril came an undesired byproduct, the wrath of a race of subterranean humanoids whose ferocity was matched only by their combat skills, and both rivalled that of Harabec's war veterans. Worse was that these creatures were fighting on their home turf, the claustrophobic confines of the mine galleries, and utilising guerilla warfare against the miners and their guards rather than a full-out assault. As was proven with the overconfidence of sending out the crown prince with only a light escort, Harabec's one weakness was unconventional warfare, and with the narrow shafts preventing the utilisation of their artillery and rank and file (not to mention not wanting to set fire to the coal seams), the Empire quickly lost ground on the lower levels.

Then the attacks stopped.

While the top levels of Cinderforge Mine are still firmly in the control of Harabec, most of the miners are now too terrified to continue working down there, and the flow of coal has slowed drastically. The Empire cannot afford to lose its black life blood. In an unusual move, the East Harabecan Mining Company started negotiations to hire mercenaries and volunteers to do their mining for them on a contract basis. The people nervously await the outcome...

But what of their attackers? They still wait in the depths... determined... dormant...

Later on...

After much discussion, the board of the East Harabecan Mining Company has approved the use of mercenaries and volunteers to help harvest the coal seams in Cinderforge Mine. Harabec Guards are now authorised to allow adventurers to travel into the mine, provided they have the correct equipment.

Despite danger signs, travellers are warned to stick to the marked roads.

Later still...

It has been quiet in the mine for quite a few months now. Coal output has been relatively low, partly due to a band of marauders taking advantage of lax security on the lower levels. Nevertheless, some of the hired mercenaries and volunteers have been breaking rules and breaking past the barricades to the deepest levels that had been closed off. No-one is quite sure when, but the subterranean race that had mysteriously stopped their attacks have begun anew, and they have revealed themselves at last! The Empire of Harabec is in peril of losing Cinderforge Mine once again.

General Information

Cinderforge Mine was introduced to Nightmist in July 2011. The area has created a new link between a vast majority of cities, including Blackthorn and Sarka, which no longer require going through the sewers from Nightmist.

Points of Interest







  • Restricted to level 24 and higher characters.
  • Connects Harabec to Blackthorn and Sarka.
  • While in the Badlands you can /examine to see when traps might be coming up.
  • You can /examine for Coal Seams throughout the mine.
  • If going to the level with Mine Bandits it's best to bring a class that can make itself invisible so bandits don't steal all your gold.