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Location on World Map
Lost Trail
1-alt Server:
Blackthorn Cemetery
Blackthorn Gloomy Cavern
1-alt Server:
Enchanted Forest
Dank Crypt
Multi-alt Server:
Inquisitor's Tower

General Information


The city of Blackthorn is surrounded by magical, enchanted, undead, crawly and dangerous things. Blackthorn is one of the first towns many characters visit. The Sewers is often the means of entering this city. The grate connecting to the entrance of the Sewers is located at the southwestern corner of Blackthorn, on Gloom Street. The streets of Blackthorn form a large square with four smaller squares of equal size inside of the large square.

Gloom Street runs north and west from the grate. The northern end of Gloom Street meets Maple Street. The eastern end of Gloom Street meets Fig Street.

Maple Street, its western end directly north of Gloom Street, runs eastward striking through the center of the city and to the other side of the city. East of where Maple Street ends begins a Dusty Path leading to the Gloomy Cavern on the multi-alt server or to Blackweald on the 1-alt server. Also on the 1-alt server, west of Maple Street opens up into the Blackthorn Cemetery.

The path south from Fig Street leads through a Forest Highway of the Enchanted Forest. Fig Street strikes northward through the center of the city and to the other side.

East of the southern end of Fig Street begins Tower Street. This street goes eastward then turns northward to the eastern end of Maple Street. On the multi-alt server, the Inquisitor's Tower doors face south with an Inquisitor Clerk banging at the doors demanding that he be allowed in the tower by someone who is inside, he has lost his Inquisitor's Key which is required to enter the tower. On the 1-alt server, the tower has become a ruin.

North of the eastern end of Maple Street begins Market Street where Blackthorn Inn, the Blackthorn Bank and most shops are found. The western end of Market Street meets the northern end of Fig Street.

Across Fig Street from Market Street westwards begins Forest Street. A path to the north of Forest Street is known as the Lost Trail. Forest Street ends southwards at the western end of Maple Street.

Points of Interest

Taverns Banks Shops

Both Servers:

  • Blackthorn Inn

Both Servers:

  • Bank

Both Servers:

Guilds Other

Both Servers:

Multi-alt Server:

1-alt Server:

'Both Servers:

  • Church
  • Hidden Storeroom

1-alt Server:

  • Inquisitor's Tower Ruins


While shops in Blackthorn exist on both servers, Baxter's Emporium, the Blackthorn Armor Shop, and the Blackthorn Weapons Shop sell different items.


The Berserkers Guild are the same for both server. This guild levels up Berserkers who are levels twenty through twenty-four. The guild can be found north inside the Blackthorn Armor Shop.

The next four guilds listed below are slightly different server-wise in that on the multi-alt server characters of levels twenty through twenty-five may advance to the next level at their respective guild but on the 1-alt server characters of levels twenty to twenty-four may advance to the next level at their respective guilds:


The Church of Blackthorn has an unlit stairwell going down underground into the Dank Crypt.

The north wall of Baxter's Emporium are shelves of books. Examining the room reveals an odd book. By typing "/pull book", whether inadverently or on a mission, opens the way north into a Hidden Storeroom.

On the 1-alt server, an Abyssal Demon stands guard at the entrance to the Inquisitor's Tower Ruins. Defeating the demon allows passage to the Cursed Obsidian Altar which is amid the ruin.


Multi-alt Server Both Servers 1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses

1-alt Server:

Both Servers:


Edric speaks of a smithy that lives in the Sewers, he is referring to the Sewage Smithy who produces the Blade of Sacrifice. Giving the weapon to Edric will initiate a quest to obtain the Reforged Blade of Sacrifice. After presenting the newly reforged weapon, Edric makes a remark about Coppola who is found in Genderas.

The Scrap Metal Dealer accepts various pieces of metal such as shards and pays back with gold.

The Writing Desk is found with the Locksmith.

On the 1-alt server, the Cursed Obsidian Altar is guarded by an Abyssal Demon. Defeating the demon allows access to this altar which is used to sacrifice certain items for hellish gemstones.


The Locksmith is hidden in a room north of the Crystal-Lined Circle on a metal grate. To reach him, a Vortex Gate cast by a Mage is needed. In the Hidden Storeroom, simply casting a Vortex Gate relocates those who pass through it to the Blackthorn Inn. First, type "/pull lever" to activate a hidden mechanism and then cast the Vortex Gate after. This time, the Vortex Gate is a portal to the Crysta-Lined Circle. The inside of this small, narrow room does not allow for maneuver of weapons of any sort except for dagger type weapons. Any characters who try to use a weapon that is not a dagger type ends up unable to atttac.


Multi-alt Server
Item Location
Chain Vest search in the Hidden Storeroom

1-alt Server
Item Location
Dagger of Shadows Search in the Hidden Storeroom


Note that Blackweald exists only on the 1-alt server, meaning that the area east of Blackthorn on the 1-alt server is largely Blackweald. On the multi-alt server, however, the area east of Blackthorn is not declared as Blackweald and is simply a Dusty Path leading to the Gloomy Cavern.