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Enchanted Forest Genderas

General Information

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A large, magical forest called the Enchanted Forest lies south of Blackthorn and is lush with plentiful flora and fauna of all kinds imaginable. Its forests are untouched by the corruption that has tainted parts of the realm, the forest is protected by enchantments cast upon the forest by the city of Dendeya. A Forest Highway runs through it from the southern end of Fig Street of Blackthorn to the Northern Guardouse of Dendeya. Along its length are numerous Ogres that can be evaded. Following the Forest Highway also crosses a river rapids on a bridge, its passage is blocked by two Trolls.
Through the magical forest to the east is Genderas, also known as Lush Jungle. Head straight north from the bridge and into the forest then straight east and keeping an easterly bearing to reach the lush jungle.
On the 1-alt server, the Forest Highway has a fork near the beginning of the highway from Blackthorn. The western highway is one that leads to Elmshire. A very long bridge called the Elmshire Crossing crosses the Great River. Along the highway are Forest Bandits that must be defeated to be able to escape. There are a few stray monsters along the highway as well. The western forest of the Enchanted Forest harbor powerful creatures.

Points of Interest

Guilds Other

1-alt Server:

  • Levels 20 - 25:

1-alt Server:

  • Elmshire Vortex Gate


On the 1-alt server, a guild exists in this area for Druids and Thieves of levels twenty through twenty-four.

  • The Druid guild is located south of where the highway leading to Dendeya first bends east. Enter the forest west of where the highway to Dendeya first turns east. A split in the forest path leads west to the highway to Elmshire and east deeper into the forest. Follow an easterly bearing until the first northern path. Straight north at this point is the guild, but before entry is possible all creatures must be slain.
  • The Thief guild is located on the north-eastern side. Step north off the highway at the crossroads after it turns east from Blackthorn, move all the way east, then north when you reach the junction at the end, and then all the way east once more, and down at the dead end, although you have to slay any bears first (any dragged Dryads can be run past).


On the 1-alt server, just before the Elmshire Crossing bridge is a magical spot where a Vortex Gate may be cast to skip crossing the bridge and appear on the highway on the other side of the bridge.


1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses

Both Servers:

1-alt Server:

1-alt Server:


There are two NPCs on the 1-alt server and they are in the region of the western highway and its forest.
Two Tree Stumps exist within the enchanted forest. The first tree stump is located by taking the first north into the forest from the highway going westward from Blackthorns. Once in the forest, continue north at a fork and then immediately west at the next fork is this stump. The second stump can be found near the Elmshire Crossing bridge. The stump is inside the forest directly north of the final bend before the bridge. These stumps are used in the same fashion as a Wooden Bench; giving them Leather Bag and a set amount of items yields the Leather Bag of the items that were given to the Tree Stump. These items may be given to the Wandering Merchant for gold.
The Wandering Merchant walks back and forth on the Forest Highway from west to east and back. His range of travel is between an Abandoned Golem that appears on the highway to where an Earth Elemental appears on the highway.


Along the highway from Blackthorn to Dendeya are many Ogres. In the forest around this highway tend to be home to Blooms, Dryads, Warthogs, various serpents and bears. Butteflies and [[Caterpillar]s are often found at Berry Brambles. Dark Gnomes and wolves tend to lurk at dead end especially above a Deep Pit adventurers may find themselves falling into.
Along the banks of the river rapids that strike from east to west are Giant Frogs and Toads. Wading across the river may result in encounters with water fairies.
On the 1-alt server, the westward Forest Highway to Elmshire has not only a few stray creatures along the highway but also Forest Bandits which must be defeated for they hold wayfarers captive. Inside of the forest that is struck through by this highway is home to similar creatures of the eastern region of the Enchanted Forest with additions of stronger creatures such as Abandoned Golems, Condors, Earth Elementals, and Widow Spiders. Widow Spiders trap those who come across its web and must be destroyed to escape alive. Southwards near the beginning of the western highway, through the forest, is a Mythic Meadow with Jackalopes. South of the meadow is a riverfront where Giant Snapper Turtles can be found.


On the 1-alt server, the Magician Bandit is hidden in the Concealed Cave to the northwesternmost part of this area. From the Tree Stump near Elmshire Crossing, head straight north and follow the path northwestwards. Just before entering the cavern though, there is a spike trap that will deal massive damage, about 550 points of damage, likely resulting in fatality. Mages can cast Protect to get past the trap untouched, thus it is much more likely that Mages fight the boss.


Both Servers:

  • Minor damage when wading across the river.

1-alt ServeR:

  • Major damage (often lethal) at unstable pier; can be bypassed with Protect.
  • Major damage (often lethal) at spike trap outside the Magician Bandit's lair; can be bypassed with Protect.


There are no loot to be found in this area.

Enchanted Forest


There is nothing else to note about this area.