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Enchanted Forest
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Hedge Maze

General Information


The Brookridge Tower standing tall and high above the trees of the Enchanted Forest is the telltale landmark of the city of Dendeya, sitting at its very center with four streets representing one of the four elements: Earth, water, fire, and air. At the southeastern end of the Forest Highway of Enchanted Forest meets the northern path leading to the northern Guardhouse of Dendeya. Dendeya is shaped like a square with another square that has been turned so that its corners touch the midpoints of the larger square.

Immediately south of the northern Guardhouse is the midpoint of Main Street. This street runs west and east. South of the western end of Main Street begins West Dendeya Street and south of the eastern end of Main Street begins Eastern Dendeya Street. These two streets, West Dendeya Street and East Dendeya Street, go south and at their southern ends meets the Baron Avenue. The avenue run from south of the southern end of West Dendeya Street east to south of the southern end of East Dendeya Street. This forms the outer square shape of the city.

Within the aforementioned square shape is another square shape that has been tilted so that its corners meet the larger square shape at its midpoints. The Earth Street begins south of the midpoint of Main Street and slants southeastwards to meet Air Street. Air Street, in turn, begins west of the midpoint of East Dendeya Street and slants southwestwards to meet Fire Street. Fire Street starts north of the tavern of Dendeya which is north of the midpoint of Baron Avenue, and then the street goes northwestwards to meet Water Street. Finally, Water Street begins east of the midpoint of West Dendeya Street and goes northeastwards to meet Earth Street.

Brookridge Street starts near the northern end of Earth Street and runs straight south towards the Brookridge Tower. Only Mages of level 35 and higher have the necessary insight to enter the tower, otherwise anyone attempting to enter the tower are blocked by two animated Statues.

South of the midpoint of Baron Avenue is Baron Drive which goes a short distance south to meet the north side of Baron's Courtyard. At the center of the Baron's Courtyard sits the Baron's Villa.

Points of Interest

Taverns Banks Shops

Both Servers:

  • Dendeya Inn

Both Servers:

  • Bank of Dendeya

Both Servers:

Areas/Dungeons Guilds Other

Both Servers:

1-alt Server:

  • Levels 35 - 38:
    • Brookridge Tower - for Mages

Multi-alt Server:

  • Dendeya Apothecary

1-alt Server:

  • Dendeya Archives Cellar


The Dendeya Inn is north of the midpoint of Baron Avenue and also accessible by going south at the southern end of Fire Street.


The Bank of Dendeya is on the west side of the East Dendeya Street, between the north end and the midpoint of the street.


The Dendeya Archives, a library for which literature of various types are bought and sold, is at the east side of the West Dendeya Street between the north end and the midpoint of the street.

Gage's Bazaar is at the east side of Eastern Dendeya Street, between the midpoint and the southern end of the street. A Mystery Room sits upstairs of Gage's Bazaar.


West at the southwest corner of the Baron's Courtyard is a hidden path that leads to the Hedge Maze.


On the 1-alt server, the Brookridge Tower serves as the location for level 35 to 38 Mage guilds using the material leveling system.


Although there seems to be two distinct rooms for either server, they are actually the same room but with a different name. The Dendeya Apothecary, on the multi-alt server, or the Dendeya Archives Cellar, on the 1-alt server, is downstairs of the Dendeya Archives.


Multi-alt Server Both Servers 1-alt Server

There are no monsters or bosses in this city.


The Alchemy Cauldron and Mortar is found in the room downstairs of the Dendeya Archives which is the Dendeya Apothecary on the multi-alt server and the Dendeya Archives Cellar on the 1-alt server.

On the multi-alt server, a Dendeya Guard stands at the northern Guardhouse.

On the 1-alt server, an Archivist minds the Dendeya Archives.


There are no loot to be found in this area.