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General info

Possible races



  • Determines the amount for which you hit with a weapon.

Not used at all.


  • Determines the ability to dodge as well as hit.


  • Determines health points on start and at every level up.

The amount of health points you will gain every level is randomly calculated using your constitution as a factor.

multi-alt server
Constitution Level 1-29 30 31-40 20 30 40
19 13-17 26-35 13-17 274-350 417-538
20 14-17
21 14-18 28-37 14-18
22 15-18 30-37 15-18
  • Note: This table reflects only the multi-alt server due to all classes recieving double gains after level 29.


  • Determines your magic resistance.


  • Determines the way you look (in look over).
  • Slightly influences the amount you get healed for.


Stamina gains occur on the following levels:

1, 4, 9, 16, 23, 29, 33, 36, 40 (1-alt)

1, 4, 9, 14, 21, 27, 36, 40 (multi-alt)



The Berserker enters a psychedelic state and attacks wildly towards the selected target, swinging until exhaustion sets in, with complete disregard to the user's own well-being.

The number of attacks that comes from Berserk depends on the user's current stamina. Besides high-damage attacks, Berserk drains the user's stamina and removes 25 HP (you can still use Berserk as long as your current HP is greater than 1).


A rage-inducing pheromone tenses your muscles, reddens your eyes and pumps adrenaline through your arteries, granting you ungodly strength at the cost of increased clumsiness.

Rage will grant +4 Strength and -4 Dexterity and cause your portrait to turn red; casting it again will reverse the effects.


A single, brutal, well-aimed strike towards an opponent's vitals will bring down most weak adversaries, but such a powerful stroke leaves muscle fibres torn and the user without any breath in his body.

Smite will drain the user's stamina for a single, strong attack, but at a penalty of 10 HP (as with Berserk, this ability cannot be used if your current health is 1 HP).


As you gain experience your character will gain in levels. To level you must have the experience needed (indicated by a red experience bar, skin depending).To level up you must pay a visit to a certain guild, which will be located anywhere in the Nightmist world. Guild locations on Nightmist Multi and Nightmist 1a are different.


Level Location
1-10 Nightmist
11-19 Arilin
20-24 Blackthorn
25-28 Resthaven
29 Jahanna Desert
30-39 Silversail

Levelling to 31: Requires Blade of Time, Sword of Existence, Mithril Claws or Frostborn's Razor. Give the required item to the guild master present and use the given key to access the level 30 guild. Leveling to 36 and onwards: Requires Grandmaster's Insignia.


Level Location
1-10 Nightmist
11-15 Resthaven
16-20 Arilin
21-25 Blackthorn
26-28 Harabec
29-30 Jahanna Desert
31-40 Tirantek
31 Royal Forest (alternate system)
32 Mount Fenowasty (alternate system)
33 Orc Caves (alternate system)
34 Gloomy Cavern (alternate system)
35 Silversail Beach (alternate system)
36-39 Silversail (alternate system)

Equipment Guide


Level Weapon
1 Staff / Dagger / Dirk
1 Oak Staff
2 Short Sword
5 Long Sword / Hand Axe / Rapier
5 Quarterstaff / Mace
10 Warhammer / Flail / Nunchaku
10 Wakizashi
10 Battle Axe
12 Broad Sword
13 Iron Staff
13 Spear
13 Blade of Sacrifice
15 Blade of Honor / Scimitar / Chinese Broad Sword
15 Reforged Blade of Sacrifice (multi-alt only)
18 Pike
19 Crystal Knife
19 Harpoon
20 Halberd
22 Poleaxe
25 Rose Blade
25 Cobalt Staff of the Winds / Scepter of Balance / Trinity Blade
25 Orcsbane (1-alt only) / Sarin Trident (1-alt only)
29 Demonic Axe (1-alt only)
30 Adamant Warhammer
30 Barbed Lance
30 Blade of Time / Mithril Claws
30 Sword of Existence
33 Soul Ripper (multi-alt version)
36 Soul Ripper (1-alt version)
38 Twin Axes of Li Kwei (multi-alt only)


  • Berserkers can't wear anything with an armor count. They can however wear armor without an armor count, like for instance a Sprig of Ivy, these are brought into the game purely for cosmetic and/or role playing reasons.

Body Armor

Level Body Armor
1 Bikini (1-alt only)
1 Sprig of Ivy (multi-alt only)
1 Black Leathery Wings (multi-alt only)


Level Shield
1 Elongated Tobacco Pipe
1 Hooded Lantern


Level Helmet
1 Carnival Mask
1 Laurel Wreath
25 Mask of the Raging Beast (1-alt only)
40 Truegold Clasps (Multi-alt only)



Level Amulet
1 Sapphire Pendant
1 Wolf Fang Necklace
1 Lover's Locket


Level Bracelet
1 Friendship Bracelet
1 Iron Shackles
1 Spiderweb Tattoo
10 Briar Ring


Level Ring
1 Engagement Ring
1 Ring of Grace
1 Ring of Harabec
1 Wedding Ring

Class-centric Bosses