Rose Blade

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Base damage: 25, Can be worn by: fighters, paladins, berserkers, Description: This incredible sword is made entirely of intertwined roses. Its handle is a spiral of rose stems covered in thorns and leaves., Level needed to equip it: 25, Magical: No, Vamparic: No, Armor: 0, Strength modifier: 0, Intelligence modifier: 0, Dexterity modifier: 0, Constitution modifier: 0, Wisdom modifier: 0, Charisma modifier: 0, Poison chance: 0, Poison/30s damage: 0, Monster damage table: , Mana leech: .

Rarity: Common

Where to Find

Other Uses

Used in Blade of the Damned crafting recipe. Refer to Blade of the Damned crafting recipe for details.