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Base damage: 25, Can be worn by: fighters, berserkers, Description: The halberd is a large weapon designed to inflict substantial damage to ones opponent. Armed with a large, heavy, razor sharp blade and a spear tip protruding from the top of its long wooden body. Along the back of this blade is a curved hook designed to grab and tear. It wears many battle scars along the length of the weapon and stained with the blood of its countless victims. The weapon looks extremely dangerous and of fine craftsmanship., Level needed to equip it: 20, Magical: No, Vamparic: No, Armor: 0, Strength modifier: 0, Intelligence modifier: 0, Dexterity modifier: 0, Constitution modifier: 0, Wisdom modifier: 0, Charisma modifier: , Poison chance: 0, Poison/30s damage: 0, Monster damage table: hydra body:1.4, Mana leech: .

Rarity: Common

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