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Mountain Fenowasty
Malok's Guild

General Information


Resthaven is, more often than not, accessed by the Sewers, the grate connecting to it is located on the west end of Champion Avenue.
Champion Avenue is the top of the four streets of Resthaven that run west to east. Cross Roads Boulevard bisects this street, and both the western and eastern parts are dedicated to arenas.
The north end of Cross Roads Boulevard is at the center of Champion Avenue with the Brook Pub directly north. The Cross Roads Boulevard runs south to the Resthaven Gates and bisects all the other streets of Resthaven. South beyond the Resthaven Gates is Mountain Fenowasty.
Cherrytree Lane is the second of the four latitudinal streets, south of Champion Avenue. Its western part is dedicated to clan houses that have relocated from the Tribal Street of Nightmist. The eastern part of this street leads to a Grassy Field.
The street south of Cherrytree Lane is Wisdom Lane whose wings are devoted to guilds.
The fourth and southernmost street of Resthaven that runs west and east is the Plaza Street. There are shops, banks, and other buildings along it.

Points of Interest

Taverns Banks Arenas

Both Servers

  • Brook Pub

Both Servers

  • Bank - West
  • Bank - East

Both Servers

  • Crazy Pete's Fighting Arena
  • The Arena
Shops Guilds Other

Both Servers

Multi-alt Server

1-alt Server

Both Servers

  • Empty Room
  • Furniture Showroom
  • Grassy Field
  • Lover's Cuisine Restaurant


There are two banks. They are the first building on the south side of Plaza Street when entering the street from Cross Roads Boulevard.


Crazy Pete's Fighting Arena is upstairs of Brook Pub and this is a free-for-all arena.
There are a total of eight training arenas called The Arena that can be found on Champion Avenue. All summon the same monster.


While the Resthaven Armor Shop and Resthaven Weapons Shop are present on both servers, the items they sell differ between servers. The other shops are the same for both servers.


On the multi-alt server, all classes except Pacifists can level here. The level that Berserkers need to be to advance is between twenty-five and twenty-eight. The rest of the classes can level ranging from levels fifteen to twenty-five.
On the 1-alt server, the guilds are all for levels ten through fourteen.


The mysterious Empty Room, in the first southern building on Wisdom Lane east from Cross Roads Boulevard, is actually a covert place for Malok's Guild. Type "/open hatch" to open the odd hatch and reveal the entrance that only Thieves have the skill to enter.
The Furniture Showroom serve as a place to display decorations for clan houses. Prospective buyers can consider which furniture they wish to add to their clan houses then return to their clan house and use the command "/clan monster list" to begin furniture decoration.
The Grassy Field, opening up east from Cherrytree Lane, is meant as a serene place. There is a healing fountain at its center and Song Birds fly about. At the northeastern corner are two separate Secluded Benches where only two characters at a time may sit on.
Lover's Cuisine Restaurant is the first northern building on Plaza Street east from Cross Roads Boulevard and the entry fee is 100 gold.


Town Furniture Showroom
Multi-alt Server Both Servers 1-alt Server Both Servers

The Arena

Both Servers


The Priest is located in the Paladin's Training Room, accessible only by Paladins.


Grassy Field
Wild Flower


There is nothing else to note about this city.