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Connects to following areas:
Desecrated Church
Sewage Drain-off

General Information


The Sewers is one of the first dungeons players will enter. The Sewers is a maze-like place infested with vermin. The Sewers has three distinct parts, each part separated by either climbing up or down.
The first part of the Sewers is entered from three cities: Arilin, Nightmist, and Resthaven. The entrance from Arilin is located northeastwards. The entrance from Nightmist is located to the north in the western region. The entrance from Resthaven is found at the southeasternmost corner.
There is a bend in the corridor that connects the Arilin sewers with the Nightmist - Resthaven sewers, this bend is where the connection between the first and second parts of the Sewers is located.
In the second part of the Sewers, instead of rats there are leeches. Players can find themselves wandering lost here. The connection from the first part takes the wanderer to the northwestern region of the second part. To find the connection to the third part, the trudger must head southeastwards and find a ladder leading up.
The third part of the sewer mostly belongs to Blackthorn, the entrance from which can be found by continuing southeastwards as well.

Points of Interest

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Both Servers

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  • Avenger's Lair


The Desecrated Church, limited to levels 20 and under, is found in the first part of the sewers, in a hidden stone corridor to the west. To enter the Desecrated Church, a Rope is needed to safely go down the hole otherwise the wise adventurer is not wont to fall down without a way to return.
The Mansion is entered from the second part of the Sewers. There is a grate that is slipped through only by Thieves located in northwestern region.
The Sewage Drain-Off, limited to characters level 15 and under, is located in the third part of the sewers, the entrance is found by going to the western part of this part of the sewers and searching northwards. The entrance is not too far southwest from the connection of the third part to the second part of the Sewers. To enter, type "/break cover" to break the cover and descend through the opening.


A hole allows the delver to drop down from the Spider Lair into the southeastern region of the second part of the sewers.
On the multi-alt server, the Avenger's Lair is found at the southwesternmost part of the sewers in a concealled passage. Only level 40 Thieves may enter.


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The Giant Centpiede can be found lurking in the northwestern bend of the third part of the Sewers.
The Crocodile Den is where the Giant Crocodile nests, located in the southwestern region of the second part, down a strange hole.
On the 1-alt server, the Giant Cockroach is located in the Arilin part of the Sewers, at a dead end. From the ladder that leads to the second part is, straight west of the split north of that ladder leads to this creature.


There are no hazards in this dungeon.


There is nothing to be found here.