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Wattlings Forest
Arilin Cathedral
none Arilin none
Large Forest
Mandrake's Coliseum

General Information


Arilin is one of the first towns new characters visit. There is history here that a great war between Arilin and Harabec occurred. Harabec Guards occupy the street, emphasizing that this town is under the rule of the Harabecean king.

The south gates of Arilin is to a worn path leading into the Large Forest. The north gates of Arilin, with Arilin Cathedral just ahead, is to a rocky path leading into the Wattlings Forest.

The first street from the south gates of Arilin is Crown Square. This street surrounds the Arilin Hungers' Tavern and is connected to three branching streets.

The street branching west from Crown is Housmeld Street named after the king of Harabec. Housmeld Street is where shops, the bank, and arena is located. There is a grate connecting to the Sewers below on the eastern end of this street, which is also immediately west of Crown Square.

The eastern branching street from Crown is Knowledge Street, a street dedicated to guild buildings alongside it.

Connecting to north of Crown is Cooper Street that runs from west to east and then bends northwards to the northern gates of Arilin. There are houses on the western part and other buildings on its northern side before the street turns northwards.

Points of Interest

Taverns Banks Arenas

Both Servers

  • Arilin Hunters' Tavern

Both Servers

  • Bank

Both Servers

  • Arilin City Arena
Shops Guilds Other

Both Servers

Multi-alt Server

1-alt Server

Both Servers

  • Coliseum Entrance Portal
  • Nightmist Associated Press Offices


While the Arilin Armor Shop and Arilin Weapons Shop exist on both servers, the items they sell differ between servers. The other shops are same for both servers.


On the multi-alt server, the range of levels at which characters may level vary.

On the 1-alt server, these guilds are for levels fifteen through nineteen.


The Coliseum Herald stands at the Entrance Portal directly north of the western end of Knowledge Street which is also directly east of the northeastern corner of Crown Square. This is the entry point into the Mandrake's Coliseum.

The Nightmist Associated Press can be accessed only by those who possess the Press Pass. Even then, the place is shut down since it no longer is in operation.


Multi-alt Server Both Servers 1-alt Server

ARilin City Arena

Both Servers


There is no loot to be found in this city.


In 2004, a large battle in the Royal Forest between Harabecan mercenaries commanded by General Kashtil and volunteers led by Baroness Cyssia led to the aristocrat's death, the defeat of the Arilian forces and the occupation of the city (denoted by Harabec Guards) ever since.

Until around the middle of the year of 2022, the street named Housmeld Street was originally named King Street (King Housmeld is the current sovereign of Harabec) and, more subtly, Crown Square was called Crown Street.